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  • Welcome - Lived Learning: Alive and Well - Lived Learning: Alive and Well is a sacred form of collaborative research. Together we heal, in all areas, body, mind and spirit. By reviewing the offerings of this site YOU are a participant, a researcher and your feedback is welcomed. NOW Announcing the Medicinal Supplement Summit! participation is actively sought. I hope many of the wondrous resources you discover and purchase here . YOUR support of this site will be of great service to me and intends to serve you and yours.
  • Sleep Non Toxic - Lived Learning: Alive and Well - Has it occurred to you that every night we sleep on GMO sheets and bedding? Here I am dreaming of some of the products I might choose, soon. All organic bedding. There is I will post in the future but for now I hope this is of interest. Click on the crib sheet, especially to enter Amazon and look for more organic bedding for your wee precious ones.
  • CHOCOLATE toothpaste?! - Lived Learning: Alive and Well - As anyone who has read About Me on this blog, you know that I have MTHFRc677t, which causes heart disease, cancer, and mental illnesses. And I have some bad tooth decay I am working on probably from fungi in my mouth. My dear old Monterey dentist, Constance Newton, who though not a biological dentist, suggested I try a chocolate toothpaste that uses a product, which I believe contains theobromine, from the cocoa bean instead of fluoride. This toothpaste is Theodent Luxury Toothpaste. I will let Dr. Mercola explain how it can help re-mineralize and help decay though if you google it you will find many pages touting theobromine over fluoride.
  • Getting Super Better Playing Super Better: Jane McGonigal, Quester Extrodinaire - Lived Learning: Alive and Well - When I returned to college at 50, much of it online, I began reading and researching web pioneers as I was using conferencing and learning to build web sites.One of the names I kept hearing about was Jane McGonigal. But she was a gamer, something I was definitely NOT interested in. So I let her slip by.When I was first diagnosed with MTHFRc677t and became legally disabled, I began reading everything I could on all the difficulties of a severe disease. I found that stress plays a major role. I believe I caught Jane doing a TED talk.Her book, a delight, was probably her dissertation. It is done in the style I prefer and many of the doctor's I review here cannot or will not afford. The book is full of citations for all her claims that gaming develops strengths and resiliences especially when we have allies helping us in our quest. And unlike many of these professionals, her book has a great index, so you can look up any part at any time. I now see she wrote an earlier book: Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.
  • News and Education - Lived Learning: Alive and Well - Here is one of our most important researcher leaders in revealing how dangerous glyphosate/roundup is. Highly recommend following her.

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  • Faxanadu - Great Chicken seasoning

    This is a nice chicken seasoning salt - works really well and provides a nice blend of salt and spices. Overall - I have been using this for years and very happy with it. Pro-tip - if you go to the grocery store and get one of those precooked whole chickens - place a couple of thin slices of butter on top of the chicken and then sprinkle on this seasoning. Set oven to 375 - and the chicken will get crispy and brown and taste a way better than just eating it from the grocery store.

  • cyalexi - BLU is the best value smart phone company in the world.

    Probably the best value I have ever gotten from a smart phone purchase. I love this little work horse. Get a 64 GB micro SD card and this phone will service all your basic needs and then some. I have convinced 6 people to buy BLU phones since I got mine and they are all thanking me. This is truly a great company and we should all pay attention to their entire line. My next phone is going to be one of the $200 phones. I can't go on enough about the value of this phone. Just get one for a laugh like I did, thinking I'd have it a month or two till the next line of Samsung comes out...and I just decided to ride it out cause I really don't need the Galaxy for anything besides the camera.