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  • Anna - What amazing mop!

    I have had tons of mops before i bought this one. I have a few reasons why I enjoy this one so much! 1. You can wash the mop heads in washer after every us. 2. It seems to get my floors so clean. 3. This is by far the best mop I have ever gotten. I do suggest buying a couple extra mop heads.

  • Nik G - Be careful if you have digestive tract issues such as IBS or Colitis.

    Be careful if you have digestive tract issues such as IBS or Colitis. I took this just one time, a few drops in water, and it caused my IBS to flare up and made me sick, so obviously I won't be ingesting this anymore. I don't mind the smell, so I might diffuse it, but I doubt that will have any weight loss effect.

  • K.A.Z - Amazing belly butter!!

    I've been using this belly butter and it feels amazing. Its very moisturizing and I will definitely recommend to my friends that are pregnant.

  • RPaud - Nice little device!

    Although I had little issue getting connected in the cigarette lighter, I quickly figured it out. However, Steve (CEO) was too quick to provide me with the support. Although the mic on the device could be much better, it gets the work done. Its tiny, it connects with my phone pretty easily, charges my phone, I can hear GPS direction through car speakers. Perfect for me!

  • L. S. Floyd - Best purchase EVER!

    I cannot say enough great things about this book... I too have a Biochemistry degree, not completed my MS yet, but have some classes toward it, and I work as Forensic Drug Analyst. Most of mine and my husband's family ask me nutrition, health, and drug-related questions, and let me just say that now I have a REFERENCE to back up everything I have been saying all along! Ditch the toxic Rx meds and "engineered" foods, folks. There's a reason why Americans are so unhealthy, and fast food is only a small part of that problem. If I could reference only one life-changing/life-saving book to someone, it would be the Bible. If I could reference only two life-changing/life-saving books, they would be the Bible and this one! It's THAT worth the purchase. Just BUY IT.

  • Luke R. Omalley - More great Ronson

    A quick but good read. Once again he keeps a objective stance and calls out both sides when needed. He also had me laugh out loud several times.

  • B.D. - Problems with this product

    There needs to be proper precaution taken when wearing this shirt. Before putting this shirt on for the first time, I didn't realize that it would cause women to violently propel themselves at me. I also didn't realize that it would make women leave their husbands. I've found the biggest problem that this shirt causes is that you cannot be within a woman's sight without causing her to ruin her underwear from overexcitement. The shirt needs to be manufactured without so many wolves--three wolves is too dangerous.