Lorenn Walker - restorative justice, violence prevention, conflict resolution, reconciliation, education, Hawaii - Lorenn Walker, a former Deputy Attorney General of the State of Hawaii, develops, teaches and evaluates interactive educational programs on violence prevention, conflict resolution reconciliation and restorative justice.

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  • Lauren - Gave me energy, stopped bloating, and cleared my skin

    This stuff is amazing. Take a shot of it with fresh lemon juice and you can hardly taste it. I cant wait to take it everyday because I feel better IMMEDIATELY after taking it. I have lent a cup or so to my friends to try and we are all obsessed. Gives us energy, focus, and less discomfort throughout day.

  • Jason Copson - Terrible Screenshots; Better Instructions on Google

    O'Reilly has long held a reputation for top-flight technical books. I think it's a bit undeserved, but generally speaking I've been happy with them. This book, however, will have you asking how it made it to press. Because it's a basic, "click this, then that" type of book, it goes without saying that the screenshots that go with the instructions should be clear. What you get instead are black-and-white images that look as if they've been photocopied on a printer needing a toner refresh. Look at the other reviews here, and even the generously forgiving hearts who awarded five stars to this mess give mention to the poor quality of the graphics.

  • italo - Good monitor but...

    ...misleading description. When it's off, looks like it has no border around the screen, but it has half inch around and you can see it only when it's on. That's the only reason why I don't give this item 5 stars.

  • Sammy - Reduced hair breakage immediately by 90%!

    I am 41 years ago and have fine, brown hair that is colored blonde. Despite coloring my hair since the age of 13, I have never had any problems with breakage. I began to notice that my hair was falling out - the amount of hair in the shower drain in 2 days was the equivalent of what I saw in a month before! Also, I noticed that I could see more scalp - my hair was falling out and breaking. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. While waiting for the tests and the meds, I wanted to do something to stop the breakage and keep what was left of my hair.

  • Toothsquatch - Lots of fun

    Great game, knocked down a star cause it needs a little more variety of songs. Has a lot of cool and fun songs, but not as many from the time as we would have thought. Still fun, and one person can karaoke too.