Mai più Reflusso Acido™- Curare il reflusso acido naturalmente - Cure naturali per il reflusso acido : scopri come curare reflusso acido, bruciori di stomaco, reflusso gastro-esofageo, ernia iatale, reflusso biliare e Esofago di Barrett utilizzando un sistema olistico unico a 5 fasi.

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City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Kristine Zarcone - Great shampoo!

    Best shampoo I've used yet! It works very well with my very fine textured, permed, and colored hair. With almost every other shampoo, I need to wash twice. I only need to wash once with this shampoo! One bottle lasts a lot longer.

  • D. Hanks - ***Warning *** Don't waste your money on Quicken Home and Business 2014

    ***Warning *** Don't waste your money on Quicken Home and Business 2014, this software is unreliable and latent with software bugs. For instance, when you run the P&L for a specific period of time the totals are unreliable. Everything looks good at first glance, however when you drill down on a particular expense category. The sum of the individual transactions differs from the total on the original report and transactions are missing. Additionally when run a transaction detailed report on the same expense category, you get a completely different total and a different set of individual transactions that were not displayed from the drill down in the P&L Report. There is no consistency in the different reports, and good accounting software demands report consistency......

  • Calvin. C - Excellent - but a bit text-book ish

    Jason Kelly's book should be served as a good starting guide for anyone who's serious about investing.

  • Stewart - Didn't help me.

    With all the hype surrounding this product and great testimonials from athletes, I thought I'd give LivRelief a try for my psoriatic and osteo arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis also affects soft tissue such as Achilles tendons. I was eagerly anticipating "relief" from using this product. After several weeks of application, I don't feel any change in the level of pain I experience on a daily basis.

  • jah28 - Beware motor issues!!

    Baby born the end of September. We started using the 4moms mamaroo the middle of october. We have barely used this glider and the motor is already going out and its been only a week. The motor is starting to make loud jerky noises like its about to stall while in motion. Im very gentle with my baby's things so I know its not because of rough use. This is a neat concept, especially with iphone/ipod attachment, but, beware of the motor giving out with just a few uses. Its too late to return because i purchased this in July while preparing for my baby. What a waste of $200!!!

  • Fixed Gear Tom - Applicator is its downfall.

    messy. applicator is not efficient, wound up with liquid all over the tube and my hands. Ordered ProClearz, simple "paintbrush" applicator works much better. Theoretically the Kersal may be more effective, but if you can't get it on your ^&*^ toenails it ain't gonna cure a fungal infection.

  • Kathy L. - comparable to other brands

    This serum has a nice texture and goes on well. Comparable to other wrinkle serums in efficacy but is cheaper, which is nice. I probably haven't used it long enough to see results. I'm not sure at this point if I will reorder.