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  • Eric G - Smell is really good, but doesn't help with my dry hair

    as soon as I open the box, I fall in love with the smell, I was very exciting to try it on, however it doesn't help my dry hair as I expected.

  • M. Caballero - Just Great

    This product is amazing I bought one for my fiance because he has some dark spots on his forehead. He started to see results within two weeks and right now is going to be around the 4th week and the dark spots are almost gone; plus his skin is much softer. Also, I bought one for myself because I have a dark spot on my cheek; however I use it all over my face and I can see a noticible difference in my skin; the pores are smaller; my skin softer and the dark spot is getting lighter. Just amazing and will keep using.

  • Amazon Customer - Thank you for the discussion and guidance.

    This book explained the things I wanted to know about the history, the practices and the importance of meditation. The breathing and state of mind was crucial for me because it really made me realize negativity cannot be present in my mind if I want the full benefits of being calm and mindful. I will keep practicing. Thank you for the discussion and guidance.

  • Matthew H. - Not a bad deal. Spend $12 dollars and save several hundred

    I was having a issue with my laundry smelly musty and old even after washing my clothes. I even ran several loads with bleach thinking that would kill the smell. I was considering calling a service man or replacing the washer when I came across this product. I figured I would give it a shot.

  • James N Simpson - Little Kid Believes His Dad is a Superhero, Due to His How His Average Everyday Parental Duties Look in the Boy's Eyes

    This is a nice story but I think if we're honest with ourselves, this one is more for the parent (you could substitute a mother in the dad role) than probably becoming a favourite of any child reader, as I don't know if many kids would associate any of these actions as superpowers. Possibly the kid doesn't associate with other adults beside his dad. But it would be a good one to be read in a library or by a teacher when father's day is approaching to encourage discussion on what makes each child's dad a "superhero."

  • H. Glen Kilgore - Another heroic fantasy book.

    This was a fairly enjoyable book for most of its length, though nothing really exceptional or particularly creative. The ending was exciting though I felt that there wasn't enough buildup to it. In the end, the protagonist and the mysterious paladin defeat a servant of the evil god Castor. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Castor before this. Having read Tolkien, Terry Brooks and David Eddings and many others, I know that an evil god or wizard is pretty much de rigeur for books of this genre, so I was able to accept that there must be one, but I don't think an author should rely on his readers knowing this. Had Castor been mentioned closer to the beginning, with everyone shuddering at his name, it would have been better.