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  • Mr. Thomas A. Mckewen - One for the kids, if you can bypass all the swearing

    One for the kids, not the adults. I think the author was trying to make the heroine "sassy" but she just comes out wimpy. A supposedly strong Alpha wolf/dragon shifter who bursts into tears every second page did not work for me. While I liked the snarky dialogue, it did not seem to be right for the age of the heroine, more like something a teenager would use.

  • Carrie Anne - If you have Sommerset Hardwood Floors, read this, please.

    If you have Sommerset Hardwood floors, please read this. I had Sommerset floors installed about a month ago. Soon after, I purchased Bona from Amazon as it was highly recommended by Amazon customers and professionals alike. I used it twice on my new floors. It was okay, not great at preserving the shine in my natural red oak floors. So, I decided to buy the cleaning product made/recommended by Sommerset Floors, a little skeptical that the product would not improve on Bona. I was pleasantly surprised however and completely wrong. For Sommerset floors, at least, the Sommerset cleaning product is far superior to Bona. I could nor believe how easily it lifted dirt, drying quickly to a 'just like new' bright shine. I cannot speak to its effectiveness of it on other floor brands but if you have Sommersett Floors, the product is well worth the cost. I purchased the cleaning kit (mop, micro fiber pads (dusting and cleaning) and one bottle of cleaner) as well as extra pads and cleaner. Total cost was $99. I expect the 4 bottles of cleaner will last a year. BTW, The mop and pads are extremely well made. All can be purchased on their website and I expect your hardwood floor dealer.

  • Orion - Works slowly

    I used this months ago, about $100 worth. I was taking 12 a day. It took 2 weeks to start feeling significantly better, even at that extreme dosage. It works very slowly.

  • Teresa - Interacts with Medications

    I was really hoping I could take this, but according to WebMD, some ingredients included in Leaky Gut interact with medications changed by the liver. I called my pharmacist to see if any medications I take are changed by the liver and he said that most drugs change the liver enzymes.

  • UberPicky - Pleased with the product

    I took this product for about ten days while altering my diet by excluding dairy (I ate eggs though), wheat, sugar, nightshade veggies, caffeine, alcohol and citrus. That left me with clean, organic meat, veggies, fruit, GF grains, etc. Combined with this product, I felt great at the end of my 14 day detox. It was gentle on my system as well.