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  • Lebre - great

    Where do I start.... well for starters, I'm new to this type of facial hardware. So I did some research and found some interesting information. These tools seem to do what I never could do. And that is.... clean a face. I mean down to the hard to reach areas. (Like around the nose). What better way to test these tools out than on your teenage child. After watching some videos and getting a weak stomach, lol...I went to work on some pores. These little tools are very easy to use, and really do a great job. As i used them i noticed i was getting quite good at it. I eventually turned my child loose with this tool, and that was it. We both are very satisfied with the results. We learned quite a bit along the way. These tools are made from good material and actually feel somewhat expensive. Now don't expect some leather carrying case for these. But for the price and what it's carrying, the case is perfect. We all know beauty comes any way you can get it. Right.... I do recommend this little kit. It taught me some things along the way that I never knew possible. To really get a feel of these, and how to get the best use out of them, turn to the internet for videos. Just be careful not to turn your stomach. Lol. Yes, its a dirty mess, but its part of life. We all are, or went through this at one time or another.I received this product for a discount for my unbiased and honest review. I apologize in advance if you receive a Lemon while mine was not a Lemon.

  • CaptLE - Great product

    I've used this product in my two cycle yard equipment for years and have never had an issue with them. Great product...

  • jt58lt59 - Dorco Pace 6 Plus-Six Blade Razor System is the BEST ever!

    As I hadn't heard of this brand before, I was slightly nervous about ordering this product but because of the incredible price, I thought I didn't have anything to lose in trying something new. I ordered 1 set for my husband and 1 set for myself. Prior to this I had been using a very well known brand and it didn't matter how often I changed the blade on the razor, I blade didn't always just "shave" but rather "pulled" out hairs which was painful. My husband and I are both extremely happy with the Dorco Pace brand and will be ordering more from this company in the future. The shave is very smooth and this razor actually shaves all the hairs....there aren't patches where it didn't shave. I'm still on my first blade and have shaved several times with it and probably still won't have to change the blade for awhile. But even when I do, I won't worry about it as the cost is just so incredibly low to replace the blades or even order a whole new pack. I will happily stay with the Dorco brand and I'm very happy that I decided to give it a try.

  • Tameko Patten - This book is awesome!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Chapter 8 … Anyway, this is one of the best things I have read this year. I plan to get more copies to distribute to the folk in my circle who needs to do better! #LuvvNation