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  • LaVerne Bland - Bengal Roach Spray is the bomb

    Bengal roach spray is excellent. I was a little unbelieving at first because it took a couple of months to work. But once it kicked in it works great. I do not see a roach. I used to call an exterminator every few months with very little results. This stuff works 10 times better than an exterminator. A little pricy but worth every cent.

  • California Sun - Waste of money and time

    Expensive and useless -- tried to fix a charger cable, glasses stem -- melts on your fingers, not on repaired object. Takes an eternity to harden and then breaks right off, leaving your fingers filthy.

  • Iman Schlegel - Worst. Family Feud. Ever.

    So, I got this game because I am so into the real show, its not even funny. I couldnt wait to play it. My my my am I in serious disappoint. I hate it. Its slow. He tells you what to do every single time. You cant skip past ANYTHING. Its just all around boring. And have fun trying to type in your answer, because it will take you forever. I would rather play this on my original nintendo.

  • rinkomango - Ripe with potential, but needs iteration

    I preordered on the Anki website, and this little guy was a joy to meet and watch and play with for the first day. Unfortunately on the second day, the (android) app stopped working. I resolved that problem by wiping the app data, but later that day he stopped picking up cubes. The next day he couldn't lift his arms at all. I received a replacement a few days later, which again worked great the first few times, but eventually the app stopped connecting. I'm not sure how I will proceed at the moment, but it seems clear that Cozmo came to market before he was ready.