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  • Gary K. Smith - Trackr pitch signal way too high for many seniors. Finding phone works fine

    Works fine for me finding phone. However, as a senior the phone to trackr device has a pitch tone way too high for most seniors. Me: - It's not working. Wife: What's that screeching I hear? Would think that seniors would be a great market for this, but it only works for me in 1 direction. Surely the tone can be changed.

  • amy yaozhu li - Unfortunately did not work for me, I had the ...

    Unfortunately did not work for me, I had the exact symptoms described: blue exhaust smoke after the car has been idle for some time, added it to my crankcase and drove around for weeks but it didn't work. Perhaps a SLIGHT reduction, but nothing really noticeable.

  • tanya frank - Exactly what we wanted

    Absolutely love it! If is big enough where my 2 year old ( he's in 4T) can wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt underneath and still be comfortable/ warm. He tried it on (his brother was Marshal!) and wore it to watch tv for an hour. He is so happy which makes me happy 😊