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  • James Cobos - Best Book Ever

    The information contained in this book is simply life changing. this book, to me, explains how the subtle, but "supercharged" free flowing energy of the Earth helps the body work the way it's supposed to and can profoundly impact your life in a good way and change you for the better. I had the chance to personally meet the author of this book, Clint Ober in March 2010, before I read this book, but was already aware of some of the information, and that helped reinforce that Earthing is a vital component to my daily life, ma vie cotidienne. Thanks for all that you are doing Clint. See you at the next The Longevity Now Conference. Being superhuman is the way we are supposed to be.

  • Amazon Customer - For those women like myself, the only helpful advice that has worked ...

    I took a $500 gamble with my Hair Max Laser Comb. It was a pricey investment but I was desperate for a non invasive treatment for my hair loss. I have consistently used it 3x's a week for 8 months. Unfortunately it has not worked for me at all. For those women like myself, the only helpful advice that has worked for me is to invest in clip on extensions and hair pieces that you can find in a wig salon. Eventually when I no longer have enough hair to hold the hair pieces, I will be buying wigs. So far I have enough of my own hair at the sides and bottom which blend in with the hair pieces. I am grateful though that I live in a time where there are options for women with hair loss. Good luck finding what works for you.

  • Nathan - Fun game, not so great as a teaching tool

    As a fun game in the style of Guitar-Hero it's great. However as a tool for properly learning to play the guitar for real it's not as useful. I do really enjoy the jam-session mode which is honestly worth buying the package for. It lets you just lay down grooves and the computer will throw in other instruments and accompany you. Feels like jamming out with your buddies.

  • Jinju Nahidi - I like this version because it's a blend of american and ...

    This stuff works. It gives me that extra boost without the crash. I like this version because it's a blend of american and red ginseng.

  • J. B. Gonzalez - Great for foot spa!

    I use this in my foot spa. It smells great, soothes your feet and you can turn on the bubble jets without it foaming up and getting all over the place. I also use it for my manicures. It's a great way to stay fungus free!

  • Piaw Na - Good recommendations

    The pull out maps were pretty useless. They cover too small a section of the city, and aren't referred to at all in the text. I have to ask why they even bother!