Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force - The Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force is committed to being a leader in identifying issues faced by all people affected by mental illness, facilitating improvements in mental health services, giving consumers and families a strong voice, reducing stigma, and implementing recovery principles.

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  • D. Hamilton - INTOXICATING!!!!!

    OMG!!! When I smelled this I fell in love with it, and it smells so wonderful on my boyfriend! I took a chance and ordered it because I liked the bottle and the canister it comes in, plus it's by Versace and I'm so glad I did!!! This is a great gift for any man, young or old !!! :~)

  • Sarah - Perfect

    This stuff makes me look like a raccoon because I want to look like a raccoon, and no longer because my eyeliner melts down my face.

  • Gerry M. Allen - A Cautionary Tale

    Glad I browsed this in the bookstore (you remember them). The unnecessary co-mingling of measurement bases coupled with the rather bizarre tastes and techniques turned me off. Investing in a set of measuring tools for just one book is the worst sort of uni-tasking. Thanks for those pretty good eats years, but no thanks to this mess.

  • Janet Heinis - GREAT FOR PUPPY ACCIDENTS! Fresh smell left

    vet recommended this for puppy accidents and it is terrific! gets stains out and no smell as a result. Tried other cleaners and none take out stain and smell quite like this. Vet recommended cat urine remover as cat urine has a much strong smell so for those cute little pups this is wonderful This is my third purchase of the product and this time I went for the gallon jug I like it so much

  • D. Milner - Love it.

    When I plugged this in, the neighbor's houses started levitating. Seriously, this has great coverage and a very strong signal. Had to upgrade router because mine was dying and we now have so many devices that need to be connected (switches, Echo, ipads, iphones, Rokus and a host of other connected items) I can get a signal strong enough to stream video through Roku in the camper parked about 1/3 acre away from the house. With my old router, I couldn't get a signal at the other end of the house. Wireless I am getting 30Mbps download (the max DL speed with my cable service) on the laptop. Highly recommended.

  • outlawstar100 - Not good for most uses

    When it came the package clearly stated it can't be used on brake systems. I ended up ordering a Heliocoil kit to make the thread repair. The Heliocoil kit worked great.