Molescreen: Skin cancer clinic, Melbourne - Molescreen Skin Cancer Clinic provides skin cancer screening (skin checks), diagnosis, management and referral. Digital photography and analysis of skin lesions. No referral required.

  • Appointments and consulting hours | Molescreen - Molescreen is open for consultations Monday to Saturday. After-work appointments are available until 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please call 1300 730 781 to book.
  • Skin cancer screening | Learn about skin cancer check-ups at Molescreen - A skin cancer check-up at Molescreen involves risk factor assessment, whole body dermoscopic examination and high-magnification photography of skin lesions. Skin cancer screening has been shown to improve early diagnosis of melanoma.
  • Pricing | Molescreen - Skin cancer screening at Molescreen Australia includes a comprehensive skin cancer and general medical history and thorough full body examination for skin lesions. In most cases, we take photographs of suspicious skin lesions and the doctor will discuss these images with you, explaining features of interest and what changes to look for.
  • Vitamin B3 and Skin Cancer | Molescreen - Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) has been shown to be an effective way of treating solar keratoses (“sun spots”). There is also evidence that vitamin B3 can prevent common skin cancers.
  • Your skin cancer check: what to expect | Molescreen - Your skin cancer check-up generally involves two visits to Molescreen. On the first visit, you will have a skin cancer consultation and full body skin examination with a doctor. A nurse will photograph any atypical (unusual) spots. After this you may need to return to have abnormal spots removed and/or to have follow-up photographs to check for changes.
  • About Molescreen | Molescreen - Molescreen Australia is an independent skin cancer clinic located in Camberwell, Melbourne. We provide skin cancer screening, diagnosis, management and referral. Our aim is to detect melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers at the earliest possible stage of their evolution, resulting in more effective treatment with fewer side effects.Services include:
  • Apps for smartphones | Molescreen - There are many skin cancer apps for smartphones and other mobile devices. Molescreen often recommends some of the better ones as useful aids to skin self-examination and maintaining UV awareness.We recommend that you use caution with any apps that claim to be able to analyse skin lesions and diagnose melanoma. Many of these apps have recently been proven to be ineffective at making such a diagnosis.
  • Excision: general information | Molescreen - Excision is a minor surgical procedure where a doctor cuts out a spot or lump on the skin. This enables diagnosis of the removed piece of skin by a skin pathologist.
  • Melanoma | Molescreen - Melanoma is a very serious form of skin cancer, affecting about 1 in 30 Victorians. It is usually brown or black in colour and asymmetrical in shape. It can be very dangerous because it tends to spread from the skin to other parts of the body. Approximately 200 people die from melanoma each year in Victoria. Fortunately, in most cases it is diagnosed early and can be cured by surgical excision.
  • Digital imaging (photography) and analysis of skin lesions | Molescreen - Digital imaging (photography using computers) is an important aid in the monitoring, evaluation and detection of skin cancers. We use digital monitoring to:
  • Excision and excision biopsy | Molescreen - Excision is a minor surgical procedure where a doctor cuts out a spot or lump on the skin. It is normally performed in the skin cancer clinic under a local anaesthetic. After the spot is removed, it is analysed under a microscope by a skin pathologist to look for signs of skin cancer.
  • Cryotherapy | Molescreen - Cryotherapy is the treatment of surface skin lesions by freezing. In skin cancer medicine, it is an easy, inexpensive and effective treatment for superficial basal cell carcinoma, superificial squamous cell carcinoma (also called Bowen's disease), solar keratoses and certain harmless non-cancer conditions such as warts or seborrhoeic keratoses.
  • Mission statement | Molescreen - To detect and remove all cases of melanoma at the earliest possible stage in their evolutionTo acheive a ratio of benign to malignant biopsied lesions which is as low as possibleTo not remove unnecessarily high numbers of naeviTo manage, counsel, investigate and refer detected cases in accordance with best practice, as stated in the Clinical practice guidelines for the management of melanoma in Australia and New Zealand by the National Health and Medical Research CouncilTo encourage sun protection in all patientsTo encourage periodic surveil
  • After your skin cancer check-up: what next? | Molescreen - It’s reassuring to have a skin cancer check-up, but the risk of skin cancer never goes away. What should you do next to reduce your risk of skin cancer in future?
  • Preparing for your skin cancer check | Molescreen - A skin cancer check-up involves a discussion of your skin cancer risk factors and a detailed examination of your whole body. There are several things you can do to make sure both go smoothly.Spots of concernIf you are worried about any spots in particular, feel free to mark them on your skin or on a body map before you come in. This will help make sure:
  • Solar keratoses | Molescreen - Solar keratoses are small lesions on the skin caused by exposure to the sun. They often appear as rough pink spots, but sometimes they are easier to feel than see. The most common locations are on sun-exposed areas such as the hands, forearms and face. Solar keratoses are not a skin cancer, but up to 10 per cent can develop into squamous cell carcinoma. They can usually be treated easily with freezing treatment or various prescription creams.
  • Dysplastic naevus | Molescreen - A dysplastic naevus is an abnormal-looking mole which is usually harmless but in rare cases can develop into melanoma. This type of mole often closely resembles a skin cancer to look at, so the only way to be sure of the diagnosis is to remove it and have it examined by a skin pathologist.It used to be thought that dysplastic moles would develop into melanoma if untreated, but in fact this happens rarely. So-called "severely" dysplastic moles are the most likely to develop into melanoma, and may require further treatment. There is evidence that "mildly" dysplastic naevi (the most common type) almost never progress to melanoma.The main concern is that people with multiple dysplastic moles have a higher than average risk of later developing melanoma somewhere else on the body. For this reason, we recommend that people with a diagnosis of dysplastic naevus have a full body skin cancer check at least every 12 months.

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