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  • Heather - THE best

    Buy this to get out urine, feces, and vomit stains. It also gets out food stains. The key is to Saturate! Yes, pour a Lot over the stain... I also recommend a black light to locate funky smells.

  • catnk9 - Don't Bother

    I have used ACT in the past around 2006 I believe. I now have this version. I've also used Salesforce. There are too many bugs in this version of ACT. You have to pay extra if you ever want technical support, and trust me, you will need it. The first thing on any of the forums where techs answer is asking if you deleted some information. If it's running slow, you need to delete out your notes or history. I need to keep them! Of course, you can create a new database, and keep the old in history, but that's another pain.

  • Biggles - Some of the worse writing EVER

    OMG this is just plain awful. Why is it that every vampire "girlfriend" can't just be normal. No, she has to have something special. Then, you have to add to the mix some of the worst and most boring writing ever. Frankly, nothing really happens. Vampire meets girl. Girl is conflicted. Girl mopes around for X pages and falls for vampire. Ta-dum. I've just saved you some $$ and a bit of time. Go read some of the better vampire yarns (Real Vampires, The Chicagoland Vampires, etc), but not this horrid mess.

  • Queenbee - The Picture in Picure is Fantastic!

    I have previous experience with Dash Cams, but not one that also comes with a rear camera, so I wasn't sure exactly how that was going to work out. Mounting the rear camera wasn't as difficult as I initially thought it would be, and the provided USB cord was plenty long enough to run from the front of the vehicle to the trunk. The front camera comes with an easily mounted suction cup so it can be moved around if necessary. The option buttons were pretty straightforward, so setting up everything was quick and easy. What has sold me on this Dash Cam above all others is the fact that you can either have the front or rear camera on the screen, or you can have both on the screen together. Even with both cameras showing, it still records the video as two separate files so if you need to just view one or the other camera footage, you can. Dash cams are a very easy way to prove fault in a car accident and with a rear camera also, you are just that much more covered.

  • BCCM - A telemarketing fraud like so many others

    I purchased this product for my best friend 7 months ago after she was denied a loan to have the surgical procedure and she was horribly depressed. I watched the video with her...worked out with her...She did the creams and followed the instructions to the letter. She even changed her diet! How many inches did she lose in the 4 months she wore this thing and worked out? ZERO! She started at a 38 inch waist and ended at a 38 inch waist. I wanted to return it after 30 days, but she insisted she wanted to keep it and just work harder with the excercises, etc... I wish I would have read the reviews before making this purchase because the whole shabang wounded up in the garbage. I could have taken her out for a nice b-day dinner with that money.

  • Amazon Customer - Good product for going to the clubs!

    I got introduced to the Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy by my hair stylist and was happy with the results I have had from using the product. It works well with short hair, though its value starts to break down if you start to let your hair get long. A little goes a long way with this, so two of these usually last me several months. You can easily do a spiked kind of intentionally-messy look, a faux-hawk, or tons of other things with this and have it stay in place all night.

  • J. Waring - great cover up

    I have started mixing a bit of the paste with some on the eyecon- and using a brush- glides on beautifully and doesn't set up in creases. love it after a long flight- instantly makes you look rested even if the kid behind you kicked your seat the whole trip.