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  • Jane - So fun to color and plan

    Love this planner! So many pages to color and great designs! I'm very excited to get to coloring it all. I wish it had not only weeks, but one page for each month as well. I would definitely buy this planner again!

  • Whataday - Poor reception

    Should have done a little more research before we purchased. I love the idea of not having my antenna ripped off when I take it through the next car wash, but the reception has gone down significantly.

  • J.H.M. - Can't Conceal Carry in Most States. Plastic Sheath is Chinese Junk.

    Knife seems to be fine. Blade is just right for killing a human being. But plastic sheath is Chinese junk. Needs to have a nice leather sheath with belt clip. Buyer beware, This knife is illegal to conceal carry in most all states. Some states won't even allow open carry because of the double edge. Gerber makes this knife with a Tonto blade which is almost as good as this knife for self defense and is legal for open carry. Most states won't allow any fixed blade knife to be concealed. Even with a short blade.

  • Jeffrey E. Jackson - Automobiles

    This is one great magazine that gives you the inside out of the most beautiful Automobiles created at their time. Beautiful photos and coverage on any style or price range of vehicle they cover. This was a Chtistmas to me a year ago and Im renewing to keep it going.