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  • Trainer Fitness Guide - House Call, MD - A B C D F G J K L M R S T W – A – Alternating Dumbell Shoulder Press Hold a dumbbell in each hand and press one arm overhead. Lower the weight and
  • Vitamin Guide - House Call, MD - by Leah Frankel, MS, RD Vitamin: An organic compound (contains carbon) that is a natural component in foods, which cannot be synthesized by the body in
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    It doesn't seem to work for me at all. I was hoping it would give me energy and help me not be hungry but it doesn't do either.

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    What a wonderful read! So touching and soulful. I laughed and sometimes shed a few tears. Carole's book reminded me of how much courage it takes to overcome our past wounds. I loved reading about her collaborations. Her story about Bob Dylan still has me smiling! Loved reading this book. Have I said that too many times? Every once in a while a writer touches your heart. Sager has touched mine.

  • R.Lynette - A variety of interesting travel articles

    I like that this collection offers articles about places I've never been and would like to see - Shukman's article on Chernobyl and Jenkins' article on a cave in Vietnam, while also having a couple of articles about places I've already visited and could thus better appreciate what the author had to say - Theroux's article on the Maine coast and Reel's article about Victorian explorers mainly in Africa.