PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution and Medical Supplies - PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution provides the distribution of pharmaceutical products and services to Community Pharmacists and Dispensing Doctors. These range from the provision of electronic ordering devices to Loan Guaranties for buying new businesses, from merchandising help to shop refits.

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  • Angela Johnson - You'll learn the essentials of passive income

    Passive income is nothing but an easy way to earn extra money to attain financial independence. You need not stop or affect any of your daily chores if you wish to generate passive income through online source. You just need to choose one or more passive income streams based on your skill from the list of ideas included in this book. Everything has been detailed here to help you with getting started with creating passive income opportunities. It is high time to start your journey towards financial freedom.

  • Matt Sprague - These are OEM

    Fit is 100% perfect since they are Mopar (which they are, I worked at a dealer and they came in the same package), but do not buy if you are AWD, they don't just say RWD to say it, these will not fit in an AWD charger.

  • Trish - A big help in weight loss!

    I had been trying to lose weight for some months. The problem was I would start to get tired and weak. This scared me due to some health problems from the past which I did not want coming back. After reading all the reviews here, I thought maybe Cellfood would help me to feel okay while dieting. It worked! Through very healthy eating, drinking lots of water and exercising I have lots 3 or more pounds a week. :-)

  • Brandon Patterson - Pure Fabulousness

    I purchased this shirt with the intention of giving it to my father. I knew he would feel it was fabulous and wear it with proud distinction. What I did not anticipate was the compelling gaze of Wolf #3. Upon opening the package I was instantly enraptured by its eyes and knew without a moment's doubt that my father could not have this t-shirt. It had to be mine.

  • Susan Kohistany - Absolutely perfect and what I was hoping for

    I used to have a lot of acne all over my face when I was 15 and 16 ( I am 17 now) and it eventually all cleared up with the help of benzoyl peroxide but there were so many red marks left behind. I didn't have acne but the marks made my face look as though it was still covered in acne. My sister recommended that I use tea tree oil because a co worker of hers mentioned she had been using it and my sister noticed the results on her co worker. I ordered a bottle and have been using it for a few months now and I am so happy to say that the marks have clear up about 85 % and I have been getting so many compliments on my skin. Not only are the marks clearing up but any surprise break outs I get clear up over night using this. My skin is also glowing and soft. Best product I have every used, hands down.

  • VeAyBoy. - Good value.

    I was in search of a smooth blade and these are slightly serrated. It will work out since I use a commercial knife sharpener in the food truck to give me even crisp cuts. I'll just sharpen the serration off. Good value.

  • ChrisC - I would say this is a good refresher book that will prepare you for the TEAS ...

    This study guide was very helpful in refreshing your memory on every area that will be tested on the TEAS, however I did notice there were a few typos and at times certain parts of organs were labeled incorrectly (e.g. the section on the circulatory system-the heart had the right aorta labeled twice when the other side should have been labeled the left aorta). If you have completely forgotten a lot about algebra or basic math, it is not going to reteach you on those areas. However the examples in the math section definitely do help if you have forgotten your math skills and it may spark up your memory. Aside from the typos, I would say this is a good refresher book that will prepare you for the TEAS test.