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  • http://www.naturalhealthpractice.com/Maintenance_Programme_C534.cfm Maintenance Programme | The Natural Health Practice - Maintenance Programme Once you have completed any one of our 3 month programmes for Women's Health you should adjust your supplements to a maintenance programme.If you have not completed one of our recommended supplement programmes yet please click here before moving onto a maintenance programme. It is always important to maintain your health and to work on prevention for the future Below is a choice of maintenance programmes for you, depending on your current situation. The Natural Health Practice
  • http://www.naturalhealthpractice.com/Natural_Lifestyle_Products_C575.cfm Natural Beauty Products | The Natural Health Practice - Natural Beauty Products Here at the Natural Health Practice we are committed to providing you with a range of carefully selected natural products to support you and your family in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our new Natural Beauty Products range offers a wide selection of high quality, effective, environmentally friendly, toiletries, skincare, baby and homecare products made with all natural ingredients. When natural isn’t really naturalIt may be surprising to know that some products which claim to be natural are actually not always as pure as they seem. Some compounds used as ingredients can be derived from a natural substance (e.g. coconut) but once synthesised in the laboratory are completely artificial. An example is cocomidopropyl betaine which is often cited as a natural substance made from coconuts but is actually synthetic. Another example is the hormone progesterone which is synthesised from the herb wild yam but the finished product does not contain any wild yam and the progesterone is a pharmaceutical drug which is sold on prescription. So some products may say they are made from natural ingredients but the substances listed are actually synthetic chemicals derived from a natural product. That’s why it’s so important to read the ingredients label when choosing which products to use on your body and in your home. Click here to learn more about the potentially harmful ingredients that are commonly used in the majority of the personal care products on the market.Making it easy to know the difference Of course many of us don’t have the time or knowledge to wade through long, complex lists of ingredients on every product to ensure what we buy is natural, organic, safe and effective. That’s why here at the Natural Health Practice we have been working closely with Dr Marilyn Glenville to carefully select which products are included in the Natural Beauty Products range and to know when products are genuinely 100% natural or organic. Dr Glenville has classified every product so you can be sure of what’s really behind the label. When you browse through the range you will notice that each product is listed under one of the following four classifications: Gold Seal of Approval - these products are of the highest quality being 100% natural and certified organic. Silver Seal of Approval - these products are 100% natural. Bronze Seal of Approval - these products are certified organic. Nearly Natural Seal of Approval - products given this classification are considered the best alternative to other main stream - synthetic - products that you may like a natural alternative to.Click here to read more detail on these four classifications.We have organised our Natural Beauty Product range by category. Please click on a category that interests you below or scroll down the page to browse them all: Skincare BodycareFeminine Healthcare House and Home Haircare ToiletriesFirst Aid The Natural Health Practice

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  • H. Bailey - broken software no fix in sight. Update. Now my "free" efile keycode number is being rejected.

    First issue. The check boxes don't line up with the multiple choice answers in the interview section so you have to guess which selection goes with which answer.

  • mhaynes38 - Very helpful.

    This book/software was very helpful in preparing for the new GRE. The CD presents the test questions exactly like the GRE. Also, the vocabulary and math appendices in the back of the book were great. I felt very prepared going into the test and did well.

  • Cabokim - Great for dry fracked feet. A miracle

    I love this foot cream! Have extremely dry feet, scratchy, I can hear them on the sheets at night. I get regular pedicures and still dry cracked heals that hurt and wake me up at night. When I remember to use the cream there is a remarkable improvement.