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  • Svitlana - If you like your car - buy it)

    the paint, as declared by producer, really starts to shine. This bottle enough to wash car for 6-8 monthes twie a week.

  • Mimi Mazrook - For College Credits

    This is a study manual for CLEP testing. I don't know what else to say. It helped me study so I guess that's a good thing?

  • M. Updike - 4 months 30 pounds down, no lifestyle change

    Following the two meal replacements per day, with a small reasonable snack and the same dinner habits I've lost 30 pounds. This is with minimal exercise as I'm awaiting knee replacement surgery. I use almond milk instead of regular and enjoy a flavorful very filling meal with 150 calories. Sometimes I mix up the flavor with the included packs, or adding some almond extract, or replacing the milk with a fruit flavored soy milk. One note is to be careful what vendor you buy from as some will fiddle with the flavor packs. I had one that sent the correct number of packs, but consistently removed the banana and strawberry with replacing with the orange (which I found revolting). I've had the best luck purchasing from "V Challenge Store".

  • A Consulting Firm - Intriguing Perspective Into The Reasons For Success

    This is a book that all of you who are ambitious and are interested in striving for success should read. In his bestselling book, "Good To Great", Jim Collins imparts wonderful anecdotal and empirical information and inspiration to the reader. As a consultant, I have been recommending to everyone in the world who makes enquiries to our consulting firm to, first read "Good To Great", then follow that up with reading Norman Thomas Remick's "West Point: Character Leadership Education: Thomas Jefferson". Each book in a different but synergistic way presents an intriguing perspective into the reasons for success.

  • Gayle - Inspiring and practical read!

    If you want to rethink how you spend your time, in order to pursue work that matters, then read this book. Jocelyn helps us understand why we're so addicted to email, and then shares steps we can take to break out of it. She even provides templates to help us write more effective emails. Once you start this book, you won't be able to put it down. And, even better, you'll walk away with at least three things you can do right now to get out of your inbox and back to work that matters.

  • Bookravenous - Bar's Leak held my engine together for 2 years.

    Had a 17yr old Chevy Corsica that blew a head gasket. Living in Tampa and it's my only car. I used Bar's Leak on it twice; each time it held for a year. The product helped me and my family get along until we could replace the car with something more reliable.