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  • Evan - Good Piece

    Looks much better than stock in my opinion and no trouble receiving stations in town. Worth the $$$ and a nice detail for my '13 GT500.

  • Kristin - Absolutely wonderful. After the first month I am already experiencing ...

    Absolutely wonderful. After the first month I am already experiencing an improvement in my cycle. I love this stuff and cannot recommend it enough.

  • amazonian - Great product, but hard to match hair color

    I have a good head of hair, but it is fine, with thinning in the front. I have used essential oils, Rogain, and even Latisse to try to fix the problem that as a 36-year old woman, I am very self conscious of. I could have saved myself a hell of a lot of dough if I had tried Toppik sooner. I cant compare it to other hair building fiber products on the market, because this is the only one I've tried. I have tried colored dry shampoo though and this is superior in that it actually makes the area look fuller of hair, instead of just filled in with color at the scalp. I got immediate responses of friends and family my hair looked great that day without realizing my new little secret. I have dark brown hair and purchased Dark Brown Toppik, but unfortunately it is much more of a medium brown color and is quite noticeable if I sprinkle on too much. For this reason I have to use it more sparingly than I would otherwise like to, and give it a good shake down to blend with my natural hair color. I'm hesitant to try the Black because theres no real subjectivity to the color black. Black is black and I see it being the same problem, only a darker shade to my hair rather than a lighter one. After using all this product I may give other brands a whirl, maybe for color matching purposes. Overall though I'm quite happy I found an instant solution to a long term problem.

  • Carric - The price is excellent, especially when you look at how inexpensive the ...

    The price is excellent, especially when you look at how inexpensive the strips are. Outstanding purchase.

  • Justin - Decent recap of an awesome season. I will agree with others that it ...

    Decent recap of an awesome season. I will agree with others that it is not as good as the 2009 DVD but it was still a good watch to relive the rise of the penguins from the mid-season ashes.