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    Not my favourite edition of this series, but very entertaining. I really wonder how much of the selection process is political because a few of these stories , I think, sucked...or were insulting to the stories of quality..I still enjoyed it fully. I am pretty low maintenance.

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    I dont know why there are some bad reviews on this unit! I am happy that I have found this item. It is sturdy and made out of hard plastic. As you would expect from a brand name like Energizer.

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    I searched for a while, looking for the right bag. One that accommodates all my various Apple devices, their accessories, and whatever other bits I might need to get through the day. It's... okay. There's NO luxe to this bag, there's little built-in organization, and there's no quick access to the inside from the outside. It has a rugged exterior which is a plus, but there's only one padded internal divider to protect a single device- from bumping into whatever is inside the bag. Nothing to protect your gear from outside bumps/bangs/drops. I also have to shell out more money, now, for organizey things to put inside the bag. The reviews were excellent, so I bought it, but now it's here it's just not what I was expecting.

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    This book was disappointingly cold at the start and end of the book however the middle was full of scalding hot recipes.

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