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  • SReeves - Webroot Support

    What I really loved when installing this is that I e-mailed Webroot support & they e-mailed me back within just a few hours. They walked me through every step of fixing my problem, and were very prompt on their replies. Another thing I loved is that they gave me step-by-step directions and asked me to let them know if that helped or not. I would definitely recommend this program, I've been using Webroot ever since I got my laptop and it works great.

  • jbird - Melt and Mousturize

    Great stuff, but at first I didn't know what to think. First let me say I've never had 100% pure shea butter before so I didn't know what to expect. When you touch it, even to look at it, it's very gritty and grainy. The directions are to rub some between your hands to create warmth and melt it. I tried this, I was able to melt 75% of what was in my hands before I gave up lol. I decided to go ahead and put it on my legs, because rubbing it there should have the same melting effect. Well, it really didn't. At this point I decided I am usually pretty cold so I cheated. I scooped some in a small bowl and put it in the microwave. I melted it but did not make it hot. It was clear then clear with a little bit of a grainy look. But, it then when on smoothly and felt wonderful! I look forward to putting this on before bed as I'm certain I'll wake up soft and smooth! Once nicely melted, a little goes a long way! I enjoy the amount of moisture this give the skin and the fact that although it smells like shea butter, the smell is not strong. I did receive this for free or nicely discounted in exchange for my 100% honest review. I always give my truthful opinion and am neither rewarded for positive reviews nor penalized for negative reviews.

  • LauraM731 - Great!

    We LOVE the Movers and have missed them since Disney dropped their tv show. This is one more great song we can add to our Mover collection and can't wait to hear more!.

  • BellaSouth - Possibly the best lotion out there, but BOY OH BOY is it THICK! (Pump dispenser is worthless.)

    I can't add anything to other reviews other than to agree this is superior lotion to anything else I've tried - and that's saying a lot. It's very effective without being greasy or oily and it doesn't irritate my rosacea-prone skin. It's my favorite lotion.

  • Shannon Levee - Relieved and Smiling Mom

    This program was a huge benefit for my whole family. I learned so much about myself, my children and others. This program to me goes way beyond just kids it's all the people we have in our lives. In regards to my son and his behaviour issues. There has been a wonderful change and our relationship has improved greatly and his communication at school has improved tremendously. I highly recommend this program for everyone.