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  • Albert Soletsky - Good against plaque

    Since I've started using this I have a lot less problem with plaque. Also, it doesn't upset my stomach like Listerine, Crest Pro-Health do. P.S. My dentist approves.

  • JORGE G. ARAGON S. - sumary

    best SAT guide i have read , i very wise purchase. probably would be seeing my results in 6 months thank you gruber

  • Z. S - A easy way to remove the glue

    After I read all the reviews about the jelley pan, I decided to buy two because I prefer stainless steel jelly pans. I used baking soda to remove all the glue in a few minutes.It was a piece of cake to remove the glue.So if you don't want to buy the pan only because of the glue, please don't worry about it. I give 4 stars here because I have not use the pans to bake.

  • Kimberly M. - Good Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin!!!

    The facial cleanser arrived a day earlier than I expected. Before it came I was worried about purchasing a liquid from Amazon and having it shipped. However, I was pleasantly surprised because the cleanser arrived secure in a box with an air tight plastic wrap to seal in the product. Once opened I realized that the bottle was smaller than I expected from the picture. But that was fine with me. The brown bottle is a plus because it keeps UV rays/sunlight from degrading the cleansers I suppose. Either way, I knew this purchase was for my husband primarily so I didn't want a feminine looking product. The facial cleanser is a clear gel that has a slightly woodsy scent. The scent isn't too masculine where I don't like using it. Nor doe it affect the scent of the perfume that I wear. When I use the product, a half pump is more than enough cleanser to clean my face. My husband uses one full pump and that is enough to cleanser to cleanse his face, beard/mustache and neck. There is a locking mechanism to screw down the pumping mechanism so it doesn't dispense any cleanser. This makes it great for travel because you don't have to worry about spillage.

  • Pumpkin - Great Growth Supplement!

    I purchased this bottle of Hair,Skin,& Nails Complex because it helps with hair growth, strong nails, great skin, and strong nails. This bottle does all of this and it is great it comes with 60 capsules. And it's made with natural ingredients and not all of that extra stuff added. I suggest that if you're interested in purchasing this particular bottle of supplement you should definitely do so because it is just as the seller described on amazon and plus more. Wonderful product.

  • Amanda hash - This worked great on my lg tv

    This is exactly what I needed to free up space in my bedroom!! I have a small room and I had my 54 inch tv on my dresser and I had no space for my things. So this has made my life better. It came with everything I needed to intall this on my wall. I have a lg tv and it screwed into it like it was made for it! It was so easy to put up I actually would love to use with all my tvs! Im sure you could use this with just about any tv it has great step my step directions and it holds a lot of weight so its super durable! I'm happy to have it.