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    City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • K. Schmidt - Not a Gimmic, It Works

    For years I thought this was a money making gimmic. I had computers with real registry problems and was really hoping one of these products worked. I was hesitant to try any of them. I saw this product was marketed by Symantec whom I trust. I bought it, used it, and was impressed. It works well. I have no complaints. All the computers I used it on are running much faster and smoother. I have had absolutely no problems. That said, my computers have no viruses on them. I noticed some reviews are not favorable and state their computer crashed after using this product. I suspect those computers had viruses on them. So, make sure your computer is virus free, before using and complaining about this product, because this product works well if your computer is virus free.

  • BoggyJoe - The ones that cooked right were pretty good.

    Nifty egg poacher. I admit the first few tries went awry as I cooked it too long. Egg all over the microwave. I wasn't sure of my microwave's wattage. The ones that cooked right were pretty good.

  • Felix - Good game, but has some problems

    Overall good game. It has the right idea. the only problem that seems to happen to users is that sooner or later they will come up to a level where there is some sort of bug and the fire will not go out. It has happened to me multiple times and as of right now i cannot advance any further.( i lowered all resolutions and graphics also). i meet all the system requirements for this game too. the only way i would buy another type of these games is if they make it on a console.

  • Under20Workout - FREEDOM!

    I got these on a lark. Didn't think they would free me. My boss Frank is a real chauvinist. Or should I say, was. He was always belittling me and making passes at me... Then I bought this Lady Pen. He refused to write with any of my lady pens. Said they were too dainty or something like that. Then, just yesterday he asked me to stay late at work. (just the two of us which always creeps me out) I hear a pounding on his desk and I walk in to see peanut shells scattered all over the place. Then I look on the floor and there is Frank choking to death. His face was blue. I asked what's wrong and he made the universal choking sign. I pretended to not understand. I then handed him on of these lady pens and told him to write down what was wrong with him. He reached for a traditional pen but I knocked them out of his reach. "Write it down, Frank." I saw his eyes concede as he took the pen from me. Then the girly pen got lost is his big fat fingers! Ha! As he gasped for his last breath, I couldn't help but think, thank the lord for Bic. PS. I just got appointed to V.P. of Sales (Dallas Region)

  • justaconsumer - great buy!

    This set is an excellent value. The quality far exceeds similarly priced box sets from local big chain stores. They feel great on the course, much better than my old set. Great buy, highly recommended for the beginner who needs a great set for a bargain price. Very happy with my new set.