Welcome To Dr. Susan Plank's Norwin Wellness Center - Dr. Susan Plank is a chiropractor and natural healthcare provider practicing in Irwin, North Huntingdon,PA. She is an expert in IBS treatments and offers remedies to relieve many of the symptoms of IBS including constipation relief, frequent diarrhea and bloating remedies. Dr. Plank uses food allergy testing to aid in diet, weight loss, fatigue, cancer prevention and arthritis treatments.

  • http://www.norwinwellness.com/services/ Dr. Susan Plank's Services - Dr. Susan Plank uses natural health solutions for those suffering from chronic health problems. Specializing in IBS and digestive issues, Dr. Plank also works with clients for cancer prevention care, Rheumatoid arthritis care, weight loss, auto-immune, inflammation and natural remedies for osteoporosis.
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  • http://www.norwinwellness.com/about-1/ Meet Dr. Susan Plank, D.C. - Dr. Susan Plank, was born and raised in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. She grew up on her family‚Äôs farm which instilled an appreciation of eating good healthy food, hard-work, a strong sense of family and caring for the animals on the farm.
  • http://www.norwinwellness.com/contact-us/ Contact Us Today - Dr. Susan Plank, D.C., chiropractor & natural healthcare provider specializes in IBS, bloating remedies, fatigue, constipation relief, digestive issues and chronic fatigue treatments. Dr. Plank utilizes food sensitivity and food allergy testing to help clients with anti-aging plans, weight loss, arthritis,cancer, inflammation,gallbladder and IBS.

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  • Ryan Gagnon - My review on WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 for PS2

    I have every game in the entire series and this is the best svr game there is! The graphics are great. The Road to WrestleMania is alot of fun! I love the free-roaming idea and you can start a fight with almost anybody to increase your stamina, momentum, etc. further. The Time Machine is a awesome feature. The WWE Universe Mode is kinda disappointing cause I expected a whole bunch of different cutscenes, but I ended up seeing the same ones over and over again. The Story Designer's pretty cool. The Match Creator is a good feature, but it could've been better. Overall, it's great game and it's very enjoyable to play.

  • Monica - Finally found a product that works fantastic!

    I have tried so many different products for German Shepherd who has terrible skin problems. He is constantly itching and and his skin at times is almost raw at some spots. We have been using the cream and rinse for itching with an "A" on it by Virbac which the Veterinarian recommended but it just wasn't enough. I researched on the brand's website and came across this product and read up on it and it seemed that it was for all the symptoms my dog had. I am so glad we bought it, he started healing. I do need to continue to use this product on him continuously so that he continues to heal. Otherwise I fear he will go back to the way he was. I highly recommend this product.

  • CREJr - Loved the vacuum cleaner, hate the customer service.

    First off, this vacuum is awesome. While it worked. When I needed to order a replacement part, I called customer service and was told it would ship out in 2 days. After 2 weeks, I called to check on my order and was told that, uh, NO, it's backordered and it'll be one month more. After one month I called again to check the status and was told that the first backorder got backordered and that it would be another 6 weeks. So. At least 12 weeks to get a part that essential to the operation of the vacuum. That's assuming they don't tell me in 6 weeks that it's backordered again and actually ship the part. I've already gone 6 weeks without a working vacuum, I don't plan on waiting another 6 weeks. I'm buying something else now and won't be ordering anything from EuroPro/Shark again.

  • Thomas D Huddleston - So this is what I used for my hair test ...

    So this is what I used for my hair test. One box of zydot then I got a 4oz bottle of test in shampoo from abdetox and then fallowed up with another bottle of zydot and passed. I smoked every day until 2 weeks before the test. Not sure which one worked but this is the mythod I did. Hope this helps

  • Donald B. Moritz - TOO MUCH