Université de Montréal - Département de nutrition - Le département de nutrition de l'université de Montréal est le seul à faire partie d'une Faculté de médecine au Canada. Des activités d'enseignement aux 3 cycles d'études, de recherche et formation continue y prennent place.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -73.6191 Quebec, Canada

  • Addie - Effective, short and sweet

    For us ladies who want to ensure we smell fresh and fragrant, a short spray on pads or directly to the feminine area keep odors away an entire day. The non-aerosol spray can be safely packed for air travel as well. I am eighty years of age and wear pads now of a different sort to stay dry and comfortable. Clean Coochy works and smells very nice.

  • Danielle Doyle - Wonderful for flathead!

    My son has torticollis and is developing a flat spot on the right side of his head. I ordered the pillow to use when he sleeps in his bassinet. I know I shouldnt use a pillow when he sleeps but I have no choice because the spot is getting bad! Even after only using the pillow for one night I'm noticing a huge difference in the morning! Usually his head is visibly flattened but this morning there is no evidence he's been sleeping on that side for 9 hours. I am very happy with the pillow and recommend it to anyone who's baby has a flat spot or who is looking to prevent one

  • Dakar Dad - Works great at not letting anything through as I have been ...

    Works great at not letting anything through as I have been using it for years. What I did notice that I did not like after a fresh install of Windows my boot time went from 25 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes after just installing this program.

  • TechnoBears - Joanne is an Awesome album!!!

    This is an Awesome album. I just bought it a couple of hours ago and I've already listened to the album several times. I can't believe I got the album for 3.99. Quite a steal. Like the tracks "John Wayne," "A-yo" and "Perfect Illusion" quite a lot. I'm pretty sure the other tracks will grow on me too.

  • DrewH - Lots of fun and a good workout

    Lots of fun and a good workout. A practice mode would be nice. Plus, buying DLC through the Nintendo shop is not as seamless as the Microsoft or Sony method.

  • Victoria J. - A must-have college guide

    Great book. Comprehensive and well organized. It was full of useful information and presented it in a very easy to understand fashion.

  • Bryan P - No need for paid cable ever again!

    I absolutely love this device! It does exactly what it claims! I've found all of my favorite TV shows from past and present. I've even found decent quality live TV on some of the apps. It does take a little while to get used to but once you've figured it out you won't be able to step away from it to do anything else. My wife has to pull me away to help with dinner:) I turned off my cable after just a few weeks of use. I would recommend buying a wireless keyboard to go along with this product. I would also like to say their customer service is outstanding! They helped me with a couple of issues that I had at first and can even do a remote help with an app installed in the product. Some of the best customer service I've ever had!