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  • Kellie's Kindle Reviews - Hurry with the next segment!!

    Love the multiple story lines that are all interrelated. Depth of culture is great - can feel the cold and the power because the author does such a great job. I was totally enveloped in the story.

  • Amazon Customer - Nothing like the claims

    Live in SF Bay area, lots of TV stations available, but I was only able pick up one Hispanic channel and poorly at that. Nothing like the claims. It will not replace your cable or satellite service. I'd give it no stars, except I have to give it one to write a review.

  • weatheringthestorm - Feel the tingle.

    This hot cream is honestly the best that I have ever used. I am so in love! It's made with natural ingredients which is very important to me because of what I use it for. I use it after I work out for my sore muscles. It reminds me a lot of ICYHOT. Beware that I shaved my legs and then used it on the back of my legs/thighs and I felt an intense hotness (not burning but definitely more intense since my pores were open). It was a blast of cool and then a warm tingly feeling lasting for about an hour. As I'm writing this I pulled a muscle in my calves while doing sprints so I rubbed some of this on my calves and i already feel SO MUCH better. I can not advocate this hot cream enough. It's amazing. It’s a really good smelling brand that is all natural and that made me fall in love. I am sick of seeing so many nasty chemicals in other brands that I wont try another!! This is my go to now. I love that I can use this to relieve my sore muscles and prevent cellulite. I haven’t seen huge results YET so I’m excited and I definitely will keep using it. This cellulite cream has a gel consistency that absorbs easily into the skin. At first it has a very strong distinct scent which eventually disappears after a while. Doesn't smell bad AT ALL. It’s a strong herbal scent. I'm beyond happy with this product and will be using this for a long time. I'm so thrilled to finally find an all natural body toning product that actually works. I also can't wait to see the long term results.

  • katherine - Made my own adjustments, and they work for me......

    I've ordered these before, but not from amazon. I personally like them. BUT I do not use them to lose weight. I'm fairly healthy (but I like food and sweets) and work out regularly. I don't use them every meal. Also I got cramps when I would take 2 (as directed) so I went down to 1. No more cramps. Make sure to drink lots of water. Pill does nothing if it doesn't break down. I only use these when I eat a big meal. So summer BBQ's, date night, girls night out. Sometimes just dinner with the family when I felt the need for 2 helpings, or when I would eat that extra large piece of pie. All they do is make you poop. Yes poop. So for the already "regular pooper," you may find yourself going more often. You take the pill an hr before a "big meal," then couple hrs after you eat, it passes back through. Preventing your body from storing the fat. Yes you may lose some weight, but I didn't. It does however keep me from gaining weight when I want to splurg on my eating.

  • Discerning purchaser - Swaddlers redesigned September 2015 - No longer a great diaper

    With two kids consecutively needing diapers, we've been buying Pampers Swaddlers consistently for the past 4 years (for over a year it was 2 large boxes per month!). Our youngest has about 6-12 months left before we were going to move him to underwear. However, with the redesigned diapers we received last month (and just opened), we're going to start that transition MUCH sooner.

  • BRIAN SANDS - Call Quality & Customer Service is TERRIBLE

    I have had this gizmo for years. I mostly use it when overseas to call back to the states. The quality of the calls were iffy at best, but I always thought it was the overseas bandwidth. In the past few day I have plugged it into my desktop. My bandwidth is 58Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload, so that shouldn't be the issue. Each call begins with perfect clarity but within 2 to 3 minutes every other few words are dropped. I have checkout their FAQ's and all of their pdf instructions are screenshots for Windows XP; an indication of their diligence for topical support. Any evidence of obtain customer support is buried deep in the site. I they say you can get online chat support, but I can't find the button anywhere. I would never recommenced this product to anyone.


    Remarkable reporting, thick with fact, nuance and backstage stories--a great read that complicates and clarifies one of the towering public figures of our age with an insider's savvy.