The Neuro Visual Center of New York | Garden City, NY - The Neuro Visual Center of New York specializes in visual conditions, such as vertical heterophoria, that affect your health in ways you might not realize.

  • What is Vertical Heterophoria? | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - Vertical heterophoria is a type of binocular vision disorder that occurs when the eyes are misaligned and can lead to a number of symptoms.
  • Symptoms of BVD | The Neuro Visual Center of New York - The binocular vision dysfunction occurs whenever the eyes are misaligned, which can lead to a variety of symptoms.
  • BVD FAQs | The Neuro Visual Center of New York - If you have an upcoming Neurovisual examination, or if you think you may have BVD, we encourage you to explore our list of frequently asked questions.
  • Is Your Child Suffering From Binocular Vision Dysfunction? - Has your child been complaining of headaches, blurred vision, difficulty reading or clumsiness that doesn’t seem to have any discernible cause?
  • What to Do When Other Treatments Have Failed - If you suffer from headaches, dizziness, or anxiety at the thought of being in the middle of a large crowd, you might have binocular vision dysfunction.
  • Complex Eyeglass Prescriptions | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - While many patients see the elimination of symptoms after their initial prescription of prismatic lenses, follow up appointments may be necessary.
  • Post Concussive Syndrome | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - If you’ve suffered a concussion in the past, there are several ways in which you can be affected, including the way your brain interprets visual signals.
  • The Discovery of VH | The Neuro Visual Center of New York - Were eye misalignment problems and their related symptoms, such as migraines and dizziness, more prevalent than both doctors thought?
  • Eye Muscle Strain as the Cause of Dizziness and Headaches - Having a binocular vision dysfunction results in unnecessary strain in the muscles of the eyes, causing headaches, blurry vision and reading difficulties.
  • Headaches And Dizziness Caused By TBI - While there are several symptoms associated with TBIs, two of the most prevalent are headaches and dizziness from binocular vision dysfunction.
  • Child Patient Brochure | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - Is your child having difficulty in school, is a reluctant reader or suffering from chronic headaches? Download our brochure to learn how we can help.
  • Request a Consultation | The Neuro Visual Center of New York - If you would like to speak with our doctor about your symptoms, simply fill out this form and we will contact you as quickly as possible.
  • Registration Forms | The Neuro Visual Center of New York - We have two convenient ways for new patients to register before their initial visit. You can register online, or download a PDF for printing.
  • Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff has more than 20 years of experience in practicing optometry, and is dedicated to providing patients with relief.
  • Full Range of Services | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - The trained experts of the Neuro Visual Center of NY can treat your binocular vision dysfunction with a wide variety of professional services.
  • Our History | The Neuro Visual Center of New York - Before starting the Neuro Visual Center of New York, Dr. Cheryl Berger Israeloff was trained by Dr. Debby Feinberg of Vision Specialists of Michigan.
  • Request a Talk on BVD | The Neuro Visual Center of NY - If you would like to share the gift of knowledge about binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), you may request a specially tailored talk.

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