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  • Jill Nav - Enjoying our Furbo!

    It is so nice to be able to login and see my dog during the day. The video quality is excellent and being able to see her even when the room is dark...awesome! She was scared of the Furbo for about a week but quickly warmed up to it and looks forward to treats when it comes on. I like that it notifies me when she is barking BUT - she barks a lot so it can be a nuisance sometimes. I share my login info with the whole family so my girl has plenty of visitors throughout the day and I have even logged in while my daughter was logged in and was able to hear her. Neat that more than one person can login at the same time. I haven't had any major issues with my Furbo. It goes offline occasionally and requires a reboot like any electronic/online/wifi device. My one complaint is that the treat counter that shows you how many treats she has had each day only shows you the number of treat you have given her - and not anyone else who is using your account. Our pup ends up getting way more treats than she should. If you are as obsessed with your pup as we are, this is a great product.


    I was introduced to this product 16 years ago, when I first started to go thru menopause & I went thru without the use of any other medications (especially not prescription drugs). At that time, I was hot-flashing all of the time (especially embarrasing at work!), and not getting any sleep. A clerk at a health food store told me about this product, and I have been using it since. Put some on the insides of your wrists, insides of elbows, backs of knees, and expecially on your abdomen. Obviously, I am post-menopausal now, but I continue to use it as a face cream. I am 68 years old, and have very few lines or wrinkles in my face, which I attribute to the cream. Don't use it every day - the directions tell you to discontinue use for 3-7 days per month. It may not work for every woman, so if this particular product does not work for you, try other brands before giving up completely.

  • big red - Nice update to my kitchen

    Love this range hood. This is a great update to my kitchen. I never use the remote but if you need one, it come with it. Relatively easy to install and definitely worth the $$.

  • joni Ekberg - Everyone needs to read this book!

    LOVED THIS BOOK! Very informative and also entertaining made me rethink everything I eat and why I eat it. Would be helpful for anyone trying to overcome addiction of any type or trying to optimize their health for any reason.

  • Kristangela - Waste of money

    Is there any way I can get my money back? I upgraded from Quicken 2007 Premiere. All of my online updates had stopped working and I came across someone's review saying that Quicken disables it after 3 years. Users would have to upgrade to resume that feature. That was one of the reason I upgraded. The other was a need for a better way to manage my rental property finances.

  • Hoei S - This Fleabusters product worked great !

    My house got flea infested and I was really losing hope after many failed attempts to get rid of them. First attempt by a professional pest control didn't work at all. Second attempt with a different brand of flea powder for home, I think it was SentryHome, didn't work. The pro guys came back and it was good for a few days but then the fleas came back. I placed Ultimate Flea Traps in each room, which also worked pretty good by the way. but only caught a small number of them though I still had to refill every few days as the fleas continued to fill the traps. Third attempt by the pro guys and again the fleas came back. Then somehow I stumbled over this one and based on the reviews I gave it a try. Lo and Behold, the fleas were gone !!! One time and the fleas were gone. I couldn't believe it. Bought another one that I will use going into this summer season as a prevention attempt.

  • Sharon Pintsch - They are extremely comfortable. My husband is 6"4" and it is a ...

    Bought these for midnight softball tournaments and ended up using them at the beach first! They are extremely comfortable. My husband is 6"4" and it is a little short for him, but we added a piece of pool noodle to the foot bar and it is comfortable. The locks do not hold very well but that is not a big issue for us. We LOVE the side trays and that they are removable. These chairs are lightweight and easy to carry! We are considering ordering another pair!