Ontario Wildlife Rescue - network of rehabilitators (government word for people who help wild animals) and wildlife centres across Ontario

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City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • LDSW - Amending my original review - Reference for Beginners and Intermediate Users

    i'm amending my review, since the author pointed out something that cause a bit of misunderstanding on my part -- something as simple of entering a start value where part of that value was needed to calculate a date.

  • candyaw - Sexy Dark Short Story

    It's Lola Grace's eighteenth birthday & she is celebrating with friends in a bar called The Lone Ranger. Max Rivers is going to spend his last night of freedom with a friend getting drunk. They end up at the The Lone Ranger bar where Max notices Lola Grace & thinks she has the prettiest face he's ever seen. Max knows she is way to young & does his best to turn her away but Lola Grace doesn't take no for an answer. When Max's resolve final shatters & they have their sexual encounter, Max soon learns Lola Grace isn't just young she is innocent as well. As circumstances are revealed, it turns out that Max marries Lola Grace's mother the next day as a business arrangement. When Lola Grace pulls away because she feels hurt by the situation, Max finally makes her listen to him explain what the business arrangement is all about. As events unfold for each of the characters, unpleasant situations lead to sharing troubled stories from the past. Will Max & Lola Grace find a way to be together? Or will their families stand in the way? Or will events both present & past be to much to overcome?

  • bluesy - UPDATE

    Got this for my nephew and he raves about it. I have several other models and was a bit jealous of this when it arrived. Yes, I almost decided not to give it to him for Christmas because I liked it so much.

  • ariel - it takes 5 trys to get my sign in page

    i have called webroot on this they have not fixed the problem so far.. we thought it was fixed because it works if i reboot

  • Zeke Aida - Be informed, avoid hidden charges.

    Understand first the purpose of this product; it's a promising expedition in finding a way to allow for limited free internet that keeps your online presence available anywhere, and at anytime. If you take the proper steps to prevent the application of hidden fees (i.e: remove automatic top off, keeping you connection for your own personal use only), you'll receive a high quality product with a free subscription that enables you fast basic web browsing and email capabilities, as well as other low bandwidth activities. Be informed, and use the service correctly!