Portal Oficial da Ordem dos Médicos - A Ordem dos Médicos deve cumprir o seu papel na defesa da Medicina em Portugal. O que significa defender a qualidade, independência e regulação do exercício da profissão médica...

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    My computer security of choice. I've had Kapersky & MaCavee and hated them both. I will not use anything else now. Boot-up time was slower with those other brands. Norton is more user friendly, easy to set up and maintain, and it's reliable. Use it on all our desktops & laptops.

  • Zer0 - If you find yourself beta.. and you know ...

    If you find yourself beta.. and you know who you are. If you seriously want to improve yourself; be honest about your flaws and read this book. There is nothing wrong with you, this book is a godsend. Read it and learn.:)

  • Pamela Spangler - Excellent product

    I have bought this product two times. It's much more affordable and the same product that I bought from the dentist office. I will always reorder from Amazon. A definite must have for teeth whitening.

  • Alexandra - This is a life changing opportunity

    First off all the 1 star reviews are fake because before purchasing this product I searched long and hard for reviews and I found only positive reviews. Check them on Facebook my name is yakov shpak I'm featured there, you can message me on Facebook ill answer any questions you have about cb1 don't hesitate !

  • mulerider952 - well im a bit mixed on this product..

    It has all kinds of cool apps for my kids to enjoy. Some quality learning stuff but a bit over priced. Downloading them can be a pain.. and the tablet will freak out once and a while. For some reason it has to redownload everything that is on it.. at the worst times possible. Great learning tablet but at times waaay too slow. I must say it can take a beating as well.

  • cass - Beautiful results!!!

    My daughter ordered this for her hair and I was concerned because of the bad reviews. I'm glad we didn't listen! This is a great product. We have used primarily Manic Panic products on her hair. We have had terrible luck with their blues and greens so we decided to try this one. It worked great! The color was deep and true and it has been holding well. In fact, she did a patch in front with Manic Panic (we have had better luck with their reds & purples) and the purple has all but washed out while the Splat colors remain bright. We dyed it about 2 weeks ago and the color is still good after many washings. We may do some touch ups next week. We have ordered the Splat brand purple to re-do the patch in the front! Previous reviews complained that the dye is too runny and it was a tad runny but not bad. A reviewer complained that it didn't leave much color on her dark hair. I believe that is true of all colors, all brands. We bleached my daughter's dark brown hair first. The only color we've had good results with over her dark hair is deep reds, although that was Manic Panic. The color does tint the skin where it touches and she has had some dye on her back and neck after showering but it washes off. We have not noticed any on her pillow, as a previous reviewer complained. Overall, we have been pleasantly surprised with this product and we have already ordered purple from them - can't wait to try it!

  • AmyC - Very impressed!!

    I have suffered from reoccurring bacterial vaginosis since I had my second son. Always thinking it was something I was doing, and the odor that came with it, I was at my wits end when I stumbled onto this product and thought why not give it a chance. Well, I am very impressed. I've had no odor and no infections since I started taking it and will continue to take it. I don't usually leave feedback, but others need to know what really works!!