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  • Jim Scott - Print quality on standard paper was good and sharp

    This item was purchased strictly for printing marketing pieces with color graphics and photos. Print quality on standard paper was good and sharp. However, the marketing pieces we do need to be printed on some form of glossy paper, card stock. I was unable to produce acceptable quality samples on any of the glossy paper I have, the quality and type of paper certainly made a difference but even on the best paper specifically designed for ink jet printers the quality on graphics and photographs was substandard. There was bleeding around the edges of solid color blocks onto the white background, large font lettering on colored background that should have been solid instead were outlined/bordered. Photos had inconsistent ink levels. I'm returning the item, thanks to Amazon, for full refund.

  • P. Wong - Very comprehensive GRE review tool

    A very good book and realistic review and preparation of GRE exam. it also provided many mock exams.Haven't gone through the whole book yet but it seems working.

  • P. Ikomi - Kaplan PCAT 2012-2013 Prep book

    I am not quite satisfied because it does not have typical PCAT exam. I think it should have several practice exams, as many as, say, five (5) so that one will have the opportunity to go through the entire PCAT exam five times prior to going for the test. I don't think it is enough to review the exams in the various sections and then go and take the test without any practice that integrates all the sections in a typical full blown PCAT test. And just one example of the problems at the end of each section is grossly inadequate if someone were to really plan on doing better after one attempt.

  • LiveMind - Worse than Useless

    It did not protect my laptop from CTB-Locker, and I lost all my files. They (McAffe customer support) think this is alright, I just have to pay them $179 to remove the virus (NOT to restore the files), and to provide one more year of "protection". How is McAffe different from CTB-Locker? Shame on Amazon for selling this!

  • S. Hale - Great Reference and Market Source

    Bought this for an impecunious photographer friend, and he is over the moon about it. Always a major classic reference book with its articles, and a source of markets invaluable to those who hope to sell their photographs.