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  • R. Glass - YES! They have Toilets!

    One ignorant reviewer questioned China's use of actual toilets. They do have toilets as well as sewage systems throughout the country. How do you think they created the Yellow River?

  • Kelly Robison - Nice toothbrush

    Nice toothbrush. If you need to stop sooner than the 2 minutes, you have to push the button about 5 times to get it to the off position which is super annoying but otherwise I like it well enough and it seems to be holding up. Even though the bristles are softer, I usually tend to prefer the Xtech XHST-100 Oral Hygiene Ultra High Powered 40,000VPM that we have. I like that it has one switch for powering on and off and another switch for going through the settings.

  • Deny - This product lives up to its claims and then some...

    This really works, no kidding it really does. I have an old washer that came with the home I purchased. It's inside was, well, nasty. I tried to clean it, but the stains, etc. remained behind. I tried many different products - none worked. Affresh did the job the first time I used it. The tub and agitator look brand new - no dirt, stains. I'm sure what was hidden for the eye is has also been cleaned. No more hidden soap buildup. Worth the money and so easy to use.