Stop panic attacks with our free online course - Get help with panic attacks or panic disorder with our free online course. Panic attacks and panic disorder can be helped very quickly with the right approach...

  • Panic Attacks Online Course - Get help with panic attacks or panic disorder with our free online course. This contents page will help you find your way around...
  • Beat Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder with the Comprehensive Panic Prevention Audio Program - The Panic Prevention Program is a 70 minute audio program designed to help you get rid of panic attacks. In addition to a wealth of information about panic attacks, you will find:
  • Panic Attack and Anxiety Articles - Used in conjunction with the Free Panic Attacks course, these self help articles should help you beat panic attacks.
  • Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder FAQ - Panic attacks frequently asked questions (FAQ). Get help with panic attacks by reading this and taking the free course...
  • Contact Us - Uncommon Knowledge is a team of therapists, psychologists and trainers dedicated to raising the standard of generally-available information about common psychological difficulties. The company provides free resources in addition to its paid ones to ensure everyone has access to quality help. The Free Panic Attacks Course is an example of such information. If you have any questions or queries:
  • Get the Free Panic Attacks Prevention Program as 6 Daily Tutorials - The Program is also available by email, in 6 daily tutorials. This way, you can absorb the information within the panic program in stages and store it on your computer for future reference. Just tell us where to send your tutorials and you will receive the first one within the next few minutes. We will keep your email address private. See below for more info on privacy.
  • Part 1: What is a panic attack? - Panic Attacks Online Course - If you have had a panic attack, or suffer them regularly, try our free course. Part 1: Fighr or Flight Response - What is a panic attack?
  • "How I Beat Panic Attacks" - The Story of a Panic Sufferer - Read one sufferer's story of how she beat panic attacks. Take our free course like she did...

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