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  • Amazon Customer - Keep your cool in the hot summer sun!

    we bought this for our vacation to Orlando and it was perfect even in the heat of the day! kept our drinks and food cold all day long and didn't leak when a water bottle leaked inside. straps were comfortable and easily adjustable so that all family members could take a turn carrying the backpack.

  • Seth Barby - Definitely suggest it!

    I love this product! I'm currently taking an EMT-BASIC course and it's a lot of information at a very fast pace. Until I started taking Masterbrain I felt overwhelmed and like I wasn't actually learning the information. I've been taking it for a week now and I'm absolutely shocked with the retention and ability to focus this has helped me with! It's great! Definitely suggest giving it a shot! I'll update further down the road when I take my NREMT tests!

  • barbara - save your money

    tastes like garlicky glue. They don't taste like potatoes at all!!! Although I really like the Idahoan regular flavored (like 4 cheese and so on)instant potatoes Ive been buying for quite a few years( I know they have ingredients that are not too good for you). Will be taking this pkg. back to the store..

  • Skeeter - Fits great, very clear mirror! Mom and baby approved!

    This guy is great! I bought this for my cousin, who has a brand new baby boy. After her initial excitement of receiving it, we took it to her SUV and attached it the front side of her backseat. It was a ridiculously easy installation. She's said baby Brantley has enjoyed seeing his Mommy and that she's been able to see him with a very clear view while driving. Hopefully, with time, the mirror will continue to be a success. I imagine you can turn it around and place it on the back of the front seats for the kiddos when they forward face, as well. Great buy!

  • Paul Cook - you don't feel like you are watching a movie

    I have gotten this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. This goggle changes the whole feeling of watching movie, you don't feel like you are watching a movie , you feel like you are there. I had the old version which was the paper one and this one is a whole lot more comfortable when you wear it. It is very cool and so in. If you are interested in new technology, you will want to try this.