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  • Nick Ricci - GREAT Cables for a GREAT Price!!

    These are great quality HDMI cables for a fraction of the price Best Buy charges. These are not cheap knockoffs, Amazon makes excellent "store brand" products. I used these for my DVR and XBOX One. The picture works perfectly and the connection is nice and tight. I love how these are only 3 feet long and do not create a lot of wire clutter. I got this 2 pack for half the price 1 would have cost me at BB.....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  • E. cohen - Underrated Masterpiece

    Critics and audiences are hailing the restoration of this now cult-classic. The stream of consciousness writing style that Dr. Rand pioneered in this daring work was soon picked up by Jack Kerouac and other writers of the beat generation. One can't help but visualize the thick haze of cigarette smoke and booze as Rand would read aloud his digits to a mesmerizing bongo drum beat while cool chicks prance so sleak. So hip, 45635, yeah, 34534, 76567, that's it.

  • Alexander Asrian - Do it

    Fit my base 2015 Impreza. Installation requires a small Phillips head screwdriver. Easily worth the money.

  • Blue Heron - Aveeno is a wonder worker!

    Aveeno has worked wonders on my face and is far better than anything I have ever used. I was visiting out of town and forgot my makeup case, so my daughter in-law brought me her Aveeno to use. I am 88 years old and this really helped remove a few wrinkles. My face is now smooth and very few wrinkles.

  • DeannaMary - A Book with Class

    Crown Publishing recently furbished a complementary copy of Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 by Charles Murray in exchange for an honest book review. Murray takes a look using statistics at what has become of new upper class and the new lower class. It is not our imaginations that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; I am not referring just to economics. The new class divisions are shaping American culture without a shadow of a doubt. The striking polarity between the new upper class and new lower class is blatantly clear and increasingly further apart.

  • CHACHA - Made a believer out of me!

    I read the reviews and they weren't kidding. I am hypothyroid, with endless symptoms, eg. fatigue, skin issues, thinning hair and the list goes on. I can tell you it has given me increased energy, I can actually get things done now, skin rashes are non-existent and my hair is staring to grow back. I recommend this product!

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    Lovely smell and immediately strengthens hair! I noticed that I can style my hair with less breakage now. I spray this on my hair daily before bed