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    First off, I have been using Microsoft Word professionally since its inception, approximately 8-14 hours a day since the days of Works. Secondly, I am on an utterly fantastic computer, so the bugs I'm experiencing are NOT my hardware. Thirdly, and I think this sums it up for all longtime Windows users: They did to Microsoft Word what they did to Windows with Windows 8. There was absolutely no reason Microsoft had to do this to such a successful and GOOD product.

  • M. Zychowski - Decent, missing some key features.

    I've owned this keyboard for a few weeks, after owning several mechanical/gaming keyboards over the years. I bought this to replace my Corsair K70RGB, in hopes to improve on the Cherry MX Brown switches I had on that board, and get a shorter keyboard (I got the tenkeyless "Tournament" Chroma version with clicky keys). I mainly use this keyboard to play CS:GO, which requires some amount of precise keying. Skip to the "Overview" if you don't care about detailed specifics.

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    The Leatherman Crater c33Tx is a sturdy knife from the handle to the blade. The handle of the knife perfectly conceals the carbineer, star point and flat headed screwdrivers. Although the flat head screwdriver may be too well concealed in the side and can be really hard to pull out at times. As for the serrated blade, it is a well built and is exceptionally sturdy no matter what I cut; however, this review is only after two weeks of use so this is subject to change after more use.