PSI Supply Chain Solutions - Hospital and Health System Materials Management - A successful Materials Management Department extends far beyond great pricing. Your Materials Management team needs to be experts in all facets of your hospital’s supply chain. PSI Supply Chain Solutions takes a four step approach to providing excellent service, knowledge and expertise to each client. By focusing on Quality and Patient Safety, Customer Satisfaction, Personnel Expertise and Financial Success we are able to improve operational efficiency and enhance purchasing and operational p

  • PSI Supply Chain Solutions - Our Solutions - PSI Supply Chain Solutions is the leading materials management and consulting company in the Midwest. Our primary focus is achieving sustainable results within client hospitals by utilizing our proprietary tools and resources to improve customer service, educate and develop employees, drive hard dollar cost savings, and implement programs to enhance quality and patient safety.
  • PSI Supply Chain Solutions - Successful Hospital and Health Systems Materials Management - PSI Supply Chain Solutions comprehensive benchmark system allows for clients to view historical and comparative performance in key performance areas such as supply expense and productivity. See where your facility benchmarks against facilities of similar size and scope of service.
  • PSI Supply Chain Solutions - About Us - Learn more about the industry leading Supply Chain Management consulting company in the Midwest. Add tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line by partnering with us.

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  • Yvonne B - on my 3rd jar - works well to reduce hot ...

    on my 3rd jar - works well to reduce hot flashes - if you goggle the product there are more application instructions that may be helpful.

  • usafpj - A lot of good plates for a good price

    Purchased this for the coffee fund at work and they work great. A lot of plates for a good price. They do everything a paper plate should do.

  • Rex A. King - Great product !!!!!!

    Great product, but does not slid up the cup far enough as the 30oz. tumbler does to permit 20oz. tumbler to fit properly in my trucks cup holder. Other than this, I love it .

  • M. Buckley - Love love love

    This is a must read! Do not pass up the beautiful love story! It's not only a story of passion but also a story of family love! I truly recommend this book!

  • 1127 - McAfee AntiVirus Plus Is the WORST!

    McAfee AntiVirus Plus has the WORST customer service and technical support I have ever experienced. It is difficult to believe they remain in business, it been more than a week and they still have not been able to fix a simple problem of trun on the real scan on my laptop will never renew with them again or buy another computer from dell again.The person I spoke to was NOT able to help me. I was transferred to their help line and had quite a wait.

  • Abbott Fleur - Great book for introduction

    This is a great book for someone just starting out in Access. It covers all the bases and give some great example. As a long time C# developer, it started as a great introduction, but fell short as soon as I had to do something that required some meat. I still recommend the book as an initial primer into learning Access.

  • Graham Wright - Decent value for money but TERRIBLE reliability - be warned

    I ordered 3, 1 for each of my kids and 1 for me to try out. Great looking value on paper - 10" touchscreens for a fraction of the price. DO NOT DO IT. We'll call them #1, #2, and #3. #3 has poor sound but works well on headphones. Inexplicable when #1 and #2 had good sound. #1 was dead on arrival and didn't know it yet - the fan inside made a sound similar to a bodily function. It cost $30.00 to send back and a $26USD "restocking fee" even though it has a warranty. #4 (replacement for #1) got stepped on (not iRulu's fault) and was replaced in a similar fashion. #5 arrived and was sent back because it could no longer boot into Android. $30 to ship back plus $26 USD restocking fee. #2 died (would not boot suddenly) and is now on the way as #6 ($30 to ship back and $26 USD restocking fee. If you enjoy paying for shipping and restocking fees then go ahead (they are still cheaper even now) but the hassle factor is pretty darn high. Think about buying something local so you don't have to deal with this. For the brief time they work, they are good for the money but bear this review in mind.