Professional Training Associates, Inc. - Professional Training Associates, Inc. provides safety, health and environmental training in the Greater Pittsburgh area and throughout the United States. These classes include all AHERA/ASHARA asbestos disciplines for which we are approved in the States of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Certain asbestos classes are also approved by New York. In addition PTA also provides OSHA construction outreach safety training as well as EPA and certain DOT HAZMAT related courses.

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  • N. Deese - A thoroughly enjoyable read!

    Oh how i look forward to Debbie Macomber's Christmas novels! This one so did not disappoint! Loved this sweet romance between a Little Miss Sunshine and her neighbor, Mr. Grouchy Pants. This story was a great mix of humor, wit, and sass with a plot line that stayed light and upbeat most of the way through. A thoroughly enjoyable read and a great gift idea for friends and family alike this holiday season!

  • nightsky - The one and only!

    This is the only product I use and I can't imagine raising fish without it! There is nothing on the market like Prime...ask anyone that raises fish and you'll get the same answer! There's not much more to's the cat's meow and the fishes tail! Don't attempt keeping fish with anything'll be sorry!

  • Leah Nicole - Plumping It Up With Kim

    I love NYX. I think it is absolutely awesome that they are naming colors after celebs. The "Kim" color is a pale pink with a slight orange undertone. This color goes well with my olive skin tone but I will probably wear it over my reg. lip pencil or lip stainer color. The consistency of color is transparent, like a normal gloss... Has some pigment but it probably won't stay for long.. However... Tingling definitely stays. As far as the "Plumping Up" aspect of this product, it works great. There is a lot of tingling. Doesn't really sting or hurt but I can definitely feel the tingle and I can definitely tell a difference in my lips when I look in the mirror. They look fuller and healthier. I have lots of lines on my lips and I am not sure why... but this plumper helps inflates the lips decreasing the lips, giving me fuller healthier lips...

  • tiffany - it works!

    this product definitely made my hair grow. it wasn't lightning quick or anything, but it did help a lot especially since my hair is broken and damaged. my only complaint was that it sort of dried out my hair but what can you expect from horse shampoo! lol if you run out of conditioner I hope you have hats because without it your hair gets brittle and gross! overall good product tho.

  • M. Williams - Yonanas- Product Review

    I am lactose intolerant so I can't eat dairy products. I love ice cream and thought this would be a wonderful way to indulge in fruity ice cream so I asked and got this product as a Christmas gift. The Yonanas Product does make the fruit into the texture of soft swirl ice cream. It is extremely noisy and takes a while to make a large bowl. The product comes apart fairly easy for cleaning, however, it maybe difficult for someone with Arthritis to maneuver. The fruity ice cream mixture does get stuck to parts that you are cleaning so some scraping is required. I like the product fairly well although it is terribly over-priced.