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  • WDMoyle - They are all very outdoorsy and love to go on walks and hikes

    I got this as a gift for my mother in law. They are all very outdoorsy and love to go on walks and hikes. After her chemo she has had a hard time keeping up with everyone and not really wanting to go any more. In an attempt to help her participate with the family activities more I got this for her. Although she still tires fast this helps her do more than she would have been able to without it. It is very light so it is not a burden for her to carry and it collapses small enough that it does not really take up any extra space in the car on the way to the hike. You can easily adjust the height with a simple twist so it easily works for her 5 foot 3 inch frame or my 5 foot 10 inch frame. It comes with a great attachment so that it works well in snow as well. I love that it comes with a compass on the top of the handle, they are always so nice to have just in case. The strap on the top as well makes it very easy to secure it to what ever you need to. This is a great extendable aluminum trekking walking stick. I got this at a discount for my honest review.

  • Ripuniversal - There certainly is a definitive meaning behind the label's "hard ...

    There certainly is a definitive meaning behind the label's "hard gainer's pak." This product is lights out when it comes to increasing your one rep max as well as additional strength enhancing compounds. I am on my third round of M-Stak and am 100% sold on Animal's message behind this product. I cannot stress the importance of staying true to your diet when using this product. Lets be real, if your serious about gaining mass while increasing strength, this product will surely assists in that matter.

  • Scott - Works on cats

    I use this on two different cats. My orange tabby loves it and it pulled enough hair to make another cat. My other cat was not really a fan, but that cat really doesn't like any products, so no surprise there.

  • David G - Plugged heater core

    It plugged my heater core as soon as I put it in. It stopped the small leak temporarily, would not recommend

  • Amazon Customer - Give it a try, u will like it :)

    The best thing about this face scrub is that it's not oily and doesn't stick on your face, like other walnut scrubs. And my skin bein oily was prone to pimples with other face scrubs. But this one leaves my skin fresh and hydrated. Do try people , you won't regret :) !!

  • Amazon Customer - It smells nice and goes on easily

    It smells nice and goes on easily. I purchased this to keep my tan that I got in Florida from fading . It works like all the other self tanners . I feel it's way overpriced compared to others when it is no different .

  • Tishira - Great stuff but some need to beware.....

    I have been using this product and from the start it works and completely neutralizes bad breath instantly. I was looking for something to use to freshen horrible breath from Atkins diet and it is great combating that dilemma. However, the toothpaste and mouthwash are not to be rinsed out with water afterwards and for me that posed some problems. It made my mouth dry and white on the outside so to alleviate that I rinsed the outside of my mouth with warm water and put on a moisturizing lip balm. Also, gargling with the mouthwash made for a terrible sore throat so I stopped gargling and just rinsed out the inside of my mouth with the mouthwash. To reach the back of my throat I use the therabreath sinus drops and those do not create any problems with a sore throat. Hope this helps someone with those issues....