Pharmaceutical Waste Management, PharmWaste Tecnologies - PharmWaste Technologies, Inc. is a national leader in pharmaceutical waste management, including consulting, identification, and hazardous waste disposal.

  • Our Company - Pharmaceutical Waste Management - PharmWaste is committed to the pharmaceutical waste management goals of businesses across the country to achieve social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Our History and Values - PharmWaste Technologies Standards - PharmWaste is a privately held company since 2007 with personnel that have over 20 years of industry experience who are committed to our cause and customers.
  • CSR and Leadership - PharmWaste Technologies Responsibility - PharmWaste values corporate social responsibility with the sustainable use of natural resources for our company and customers to benefit the environment.
  • PharmWaste - Waste Identification, Disposal, Consultation - PharmWaste services offer pharmaceutical waste identification systems, partnership programs with waste disposal vendors, and pharmaceutical waste consultation.
  • Waste Identification - PharmWaste Identification Systems - To easily identify pharmaceutical waste, PharmWaste offers Waste-ID Software, Waste-ID WISE and QuickHAZ which identify RCRA, state specific, BMP and DOT waste.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Consultation - PharmWaste Services - PharmWaste provides consultation for small companies to fortune 500, with services performed directly to the healthcare facitlity or through a Waste Vendor.
  • Our Partnership Program - PharmWaste Technologies Dispoal - PharmWaste has a disposal vendor partnership program in order to dispose of waste and allow new vendors to enter into the pharmaceutical waste disposal market.
  • QuickHAZ - Waste Identification PharmWaste Technologies - PharmWaste offers QuickHAZ, an easy to use and affordable product which identifies hazardous waste drugs online and is designed specifically for CESQG's.
  • QuickHAZ FAQs - PharmWaste Frequently Asked Questions - PharmWaste answers frequently asked questions about QuickHAZ for customer convenience and understanding when it comes to managing their pharmaceutical waste.
  • Request A Quote - Quote Request PharmWaste Technologies - Request a quote from PharmWaste by calling or filling out the quote form below for your pharmaceutical waste management, identification, and disposal needs.
  • Clients - PharmWaste Technologies Waste Management Services - PharmWaste serves clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies. Call us for superb service in your pharmaceutical waste management needs.
  • Resources - News, Publications, Regulatory PharmWaste - PharmWaste keeps you updated with press releases for recent news, publications that provide relevant industry information, and links to regulatory departments..
  • Publications - EPA/DEA and Others PharmWaste Technologies - PharmWaste lists publications from the EPA/DEA and others so you can know how to handle management and disposal of waste following proper rules and regulations.
  • Regulatory - Federal/State Agencies PharmWaste Technologies - It is important to follow regulatory standards for pharmaceutical waste on federal and state levels. PharmWaste lists both types of agencies on this page.
  • News and Press Release - PharmWaste Technologies News - Visit this page to see the latest news and press releases from PharmWaste to keep up with company contributions to the pharmaceutical waste management industry.
  • Contact Us - PharmWaste Technologies Contact Info and Form - Contact PharmWaste Technologies for all your pharmaceutical waste management needs at 515-276-5302 or by filling out the online request form on this page.

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