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  • James B Little - Excellent

    Works exactly like it should... not a surprise. I have been using Norton products for many years and they always do what they're supposed to do.

  • truffles - Absolutely a waste of money

    Absolutely a waste of money. Following directions and couldn't poo. Decreased the powder like it said....STILL NO POO!!!! GAINED 7 POUNDS IN 4 DAYS..... Due to the lack of poo i am sure. By the 6th day i took an ex-lax and lost 5 pounds.....IN POO!!!! By the next day i was back to original weight. I eat a clean fiber-filled diet. I drink a lot of water, and am VERY regular. I am like clock work, 8 am, 12:30, 5:30.....or whenever i eat. This stuff gummed up the works, and caused severe bloat, and constipation.

  • diana - processed foods are okay to eat....load of crap!

    The only little thing this author gets right is that Americans are eating too much sugar. Following this diet you might be a small step better than what you are currently eating, but following this diet isn't going to make you a lot healthier, nutritionally. Little to no fruit...What is he thinking there have been numerous studies out there about how important whole fruit is, we needs the nutrients on a daily basis. There is so much natural fiber in fruit that our bodies needs. This guy says cheezits are okay...Completely off basis.

  • Kim R. - Warning - Not Like the Original Product

    I previously purchased this product from amazon and it was great. However, this time I'm very disappointed. The consistency of the product this go around was noticeably runny - nothing like what I received before. I gave it a try anyway but it did nothing for my skin. I know what this product is capable of and unfortunately this is not it.

  • PrincessSandy - Holy eyelashes Batman!

    I have been using this product for about a month now and I definitely notice a difference in the fullness and length of my eyelashes. I don't and have never worn false eyelashes but after using this product, people ask if I wear them. My eyelashes touch my glasses which is quite annoying but that was kind of the point. When I put mascara on, they almost look like they can touch my eyebrows if I open my eyes wide enough. The applicator is a soft brush that you use to just "paint" the clear serum above your top lash line. It is super easy and takes less than a minute. The hardest part for me was not applying eyeliner or mascara on after. I couldn't commit to putting it on before bed so I just had to live eye make up free for the most part. Over all, I am quite impressed with this product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to have thicker looking lashes.

  • Ellie - Whitening teeth

    I love this product! It easy to use. It is a little messy with the gel, light and trying not to swallow during the process. But it's totally worth the time! It works that's exactly what you want to hear and it does! Try not the overuse bc your teeth can become sensitive. (Mind you, you are whitening your teeth so it's to be expected!) just use a directed and you will love the results.

  • K. Johnson - Did not last a year.......

    I loved it the first three months I owned this product(I only used the mop once a week on Sunday) and then it was all downhill from there. It has not been a year since my purchase and it is completely broken. A $100 piece of you know what!