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  • Zlee76 - Very cool

    This tail light is great. It is very bright and when you tap the breaks it gives of three quick flashes then bright red. The blinker on the tail light is a yellow bar that flashes like you would see on a mustang for example.

  • Jess Salcido - You won't regret it!

    Just to put it out there first, I'm not a distributor!! My sister just started selling this and wanted me to do the 90 day challenge to see how well it REALLY works. So on the first month you are suggested to buy "the greens" and mix it with water to drink once or twice a day. I did once a day in the morning. Results? Well this one wasn't really for weight loss just for detox. But I did loose 2 pounds after the first 30 days of drinking it. (No excersise but could have been from eating better which I have been doing 4 months prior to trying these products) Then on month 2 you are suggested to buy Thermofits and Fat fighters. So the first two weeks of pairing these together daily I was lazy and didn't excersise but I DID weigh myself everyday (which normally you shouldn't) and almost religiously lost 0.2 pounds everyday. Of course I was happy with just that, but I wanted more! So for the past week I have been running for just about 20 mins a day, along with some reps and call it a day. And that definaltly boosted things quick! I lost 4 pounds this week compared to the 1.3 pounds on the weeks I wasn't excersiseing. So I am definaltly happy. I have 1 more week of these pills and then I move on to the suggested order of the body wraps. I will update my review after I complete that, along with before and after shots so compare. Just to mention I WAS eating healthy throughout this process, the company doesn't want you to eat whatever you want and not excersise and it will somehow magically give you results, no. But this stuff is awesome and I definaltly want to purchase more to help me reach my goal! Also I have had no side affects whatsoever with these pills, except I do feel less tired.

  • Amazon Customer - I just installed this item and I LOVE it!

    I just installed this item and I LOVE it!! Such a breeze to put on. (instructions are pretty vague but if you watch a short youtube video before hand its super easy) also only took about 10-15 min!!

  • Brian - Dangerous

    This meter worked ok for awhile. Then, a few months in, it got a bit less accurate (my wife is a nurse and she checked it every few days).

  • Amazon Customer - Best for US use.

    It did not last long on my key ring plastic is not very durable. Note that this does not use GPS and uses crowd sourcing so if you loose it some where in public it is essential that someone else who uses this product walks by your lost item to mark where it is. This might work in the states but doubtful overseas.

  • AZ Pug Lover - Replaces nasty dog breath

    This works well, but certainly is no replacement for a doggy dental. They like the taste and its easier than brushing.

  • Book & Music thief, from HI - The most bleakly 'Dickensian' version of "a Christmas Carol" but perhaps the most authentic & Rewarding!!

    This is an incredibly moving (and quite serious, even bleak) version of the Charles Dickens Classic.