Redding Thermography| Breast Cancer | Infrared Imaging - This site provides information about the role of breast thermography or Digital Infrared Imaging (DII for short) in breast cancer risk assessment and prevention.

  • Breast Cancer | Redding Thermography - Although there is no one screening technique that is solely adequate for detecting breast cancer, DII (Breast Thermography) is clearly a frontline test for early detection.
  • Breast Cancer Risk Prevention | Redding Thermography - Breast Cancer Risk and Prevention: The following are generally accepted risk factors for developing breast cancer, several are modifiable through lifestyle change.
  • About DII | Thermography | Redding Thermography - DII or thermography was first used to investigate breast cancer in 1957 by Raymond Lawson, M.D., a surgeon and tumor metabolism researcher.
  • Case Studies | Breast Thermogram | Redding Thermography - I recently had my first breast thermogram, and am very grateful for doing so. I have had regularly scheduled mammograms, and have no personal or family history of
  • FAQ's | Breast Cancer Screening | Redding Thermography - Is Digital Infrared Imaging an approved procedure? Yes, DII is approved by the FDA for use as an adjunctive breast cancer screening procedure.
  • Full Body Scan | Redding Thermography - With some patients, thermography findings are the first warning of a disease years before symptoms occur. With others, thermography may reveal the true cause of
  • The Clinical Research | Redding Thermography - Digital Infrared Imaging Clinical Research: Here is a list of research papers about breast thermography and breast cancer.
  • Procedure | Breast Thermography | Redding Thermography - How is Digital Infrared Imaging or Breast Thermography Performed? Prior to a digital infrared imaging examination (breast thermography), patients are asked to
  • Thermography Guidelines | Redding Thermography - While no screening test are 100% accurate, current research discovers a 61% increase in survival rate when thermography is added to regular breast check-ups
  • Mammography vs DII | Redding Thermography - Mammography vs. DII: Digital Infrared Imaging (DII) is non-invasive, & uses no radiation or intravenous injection & there is no discomfort. Infrared imaging//
  • Redding Imaging Center | Forms | Redding Thermography - Welcome to Redding Infrared Imaging Center. Before arriving for your breast thermographic examination, the following protocol must be followed in order to...
  • About Us | SOT Chiropractor | Redding Thermography - Michelle Hodge, DC, CTT is a certified thermographic technician & a licensed chiropractor also trained in SOT. Her focus is on wellness care & prevention in her
  • Disclaimer | Thermal Breast Imaging | Redding Thermography - Digital Infrared Imaging of the breast is also known as Breast Thermography, Thermal Breast Imaging, and Thermal Mammography, among others.
  • Blog | Redding Thermography - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & each October, people raise money by organizing activities such as theme parties or a “think pink” day.

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