Rehacare an Australian Medical device company - RehaCare is an Australian Medical Device company with a primary focus on Podiatry and Therapy products.Brands we represent are -Lunula Laser, LivMD, Marodyne, Tmax Kinesiology Tape, Seal-tight, IMAK, Neo-G.

  • Kinesiology Tape - Braces and Supports an Australian Medical device company - Tmax Kinesiology tape. Prevents muscle and joint injury. Reduce Neurology pain. Improve blood and lymph circulation

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  • Amazon Customer - Ummmm

    Not the best and not the worst, felt kind of cheesy. Sad to say it wasn't really memorable. At least it has a happy ending

  • Gary - "Earthing" Book

    The research and discovery described in this book includes scientific proof as well as anecdotal evidence that "Earthing" works. "Earthing" simply describes the natural process of being in contact with the ground, either in direct contact with the earth while walking barefoot, or by means of a simple wire connection to something which is in direct contact with the earth. The authors confirm that the harmful free radicals in the body have a positive + charge, which suggests that the negative electrons provided by contact with the earth are able to electrically "neutralize" these harmful positive charges. The book includes infrared images showing inflammed tissue prior to grounding (orange-yellowish-red) colors, and about 40 minutes after grounding (blue color). Microscopic examination of blood samples show that grounding results in less tendency of blood cells to clump together, with the result that there is less liklihood of stroke or blood clots. Beneficial effects regarding sleep are noted in the book, along with test evidence that Cortisol levels become normalized after grounding. You will be surprised and delighted by this book!

  • CHUBBYSUMO - Please read the instructions. 99% of the problem reviews are related to not reading the instructions.

    So, first things first, this was used on a 2002 avalanche that never had the factory plastic restore put on(for the fading trim issue). All the grey trim was nearly white on the top of the bed, and roof. If you are going to use this, there are a couple of things: First, read the instructions, all the way through. Second, this stuff is an etching lacquer. It makes the very top layer of the plastic soft and then hardens. This gets rid of the tiny layer of sun faded plastic you have(the rags get quite dirty, which is actually some plastic coming off). Third, keep the rags utterly saturated. Do not let it dry out. It should be WET going on, and if the rag starts to dry out, dump more of the stuff on. this is all stated in the instructions, but some people seem to forget how to read. If the rag starts to dry out, you will get streaks and incomplete coverage(which can be fixed, but we will get to that later). Do not pass over the same area twice(hence the wet going on thing), as you will make it dull instead of shiny. It works if you apply it correctly. All the faded plastic on my avalanche went from near white and really sun faded back to its original factory colored grey(in most places, some of the worst places just don't look as shiny, but its hard to notice those spots). Keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight and rain for at least an hour, don't apply in the wind or dusty conditions(it will get stuck in the finish), and don't apply if its too hot or cold(70F is about the perfect temp). The surface also needs to be about the same as the air temp, meaning that you cannot start applying it as soon as you pull into the garage(direct sunlight will heat the surfaces up quite a bit, which is why don't do it).