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  • jchawk - the best live cd/dvd ever!

    Halestorm has true talent. Lzzy's vocals are amazing! I love this album. the best live cd/dvd I heard. I paid $19 for it, but it would be worth more than that. Highly recommended for those who like hard work and live cd/dvds.

  • Sherri - works well. quite fast.

    I received this in good order with no signs of flaws or damage. I ordered this for an upgrade project on my main system to use as a cache drive. As that machine is still being built I tested it on the one it will be replacing. The installation is straight up for anyone that has installed a drive. For most PC's you will of course need some sort of mount or adaptor to properly install the 2.5" drive. In my case it is mounted in an expansion slot frame. Drive recognized with no problems and functioned as expected. The performance difference between this drive and a "classic" HDD is quite noticeable and not at all unexpected with this drive being much faster. There are several ways to use drives of this type and speed, but the purpose I discussed previously is the one I have chosen. A cache drive to boost standard HDD performance.

  • SeattlePrincess - Great Diaper Bag!

    I had been looking for a practical backpack that could double as my daughter's diaper bag yet would still have enough room for me to throw my wallet, keys and cell phone in. This is awesome ... and it was not $100!

  • KEYUR H PARIKH - Poor Reception even in a Major Metro Area

    Poor reception for a major station such as NPR in a major metro area suburb. I drove around for 2 days and consistently reception was an issue. Can't live with that. I just listen to a one or two popular stations (mostly NPR).

  • jody w herrera - More money...

    Its fun at the beginning but when you start to progress they freeze you out for a half hour at a time to try to get you to purchase playing time. No fun!

  • Reverend Joaquin R. Larriba - Horn doesn't disappoint with this fantastic expose

    This valuable resource contains everything you ever wanted to know about this nation but were too afraid ask. Dr. Horn doesn't disappoint with this fantastic expose, revealing the long kept secrets of Free Masonry, their origin and their plans for the future. Connecting the dots with the Mayan Calendar was brilliant, I didn't see it coming. Bravo Dr. Horn!