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  • Jessica K. - I like this body wash because it's all natural

    I'm really liking these 3-in-1 products from Pure Body Naturals. I've been using the lavender one, I've used it as both a body wash and shampoo. When I saw a lingonberry version I jumped right on it! I like this body wash because it's all natural. There are no fake fragrances, and it's organic. I have extremely sensitive skin, I will break out in deep cysts when I use products that contain artificial fragrance or harsh chemicals. I have not had any breakouts since using this product.

  • C. Robinson - Love this Guidebook!

    This book has saved us so much time and guesswork by giving solid information on what to expect from each exit. While on an extended road trip if I need a particular store, fuel, type of restaurant-- it is listed. Once in awhile a restaurant might be out of business, but otherwise this guide is up date. A great tool for planning your day while on the road. My only suggestion would be to add how much distance between exits.

  • Dennis Woodruff - Okay but Adjustment Rod Does Not Work

    The adjustments on the rod does not work because you cannot get them on or off the rod due to the 90 degree bends on the rod. Adjustment rod is basically useless.