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  • ice cream woman - Do Not Buy This!

    I've always had skinny limbs, all the body fat in my belly. The infomercial looked so good with all those sincere people (yes) that I decided to try this. The belt is useless. I forgot to return it in time and just thought oh well, perhaps I can sometimes wear it if I need to tuck a heat wrap in my lower back or something. They sent me two gel tubes more and charged my Visa. I made an angry phone call and they said I had agreed to get monthly shipments. Really? I don't think so. I returned the gels, but got only some of my money back. I feel like finding the owner of this stupid belt and egging his or her car. DO NOT ORDER THIS. Order The Fat Flush Plan book instead, by Ann Louise Gittleman.

  • John K. Sawers - Even though we had 100 days to make out decision, after a week we knew we'd be keeping it.

    Delivery and setup were very easy. I looked at Tuft & Needle and a few others - they all rate their firmness on the high side, 7-9 out of 10. The Casper is more like a 5, which is perfect for me.

  • B. Cohen - Book 3

    Loved it. I have been critical of the Requiem books at times for every trilogy following the exact same "formula" but these have been excellent. I see Daniel is evolving as an author and I look forward to more.

  • tp58 - Got the fever

    Just what I needed for a three year old. Works well and easy to use. I bought this on a promotion offer and am very happy with my purchase.