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  • ak764 - BUY, BUY, BUY IT!!!!

    I really like this product! If you use it correctly it makes your skin look really polished and I have ordered more than one and use it for special events. Unlike their day cream and eye cream I really like this product enough to encourage others to buy it. It's amazing how well it peels the skin! Note, after peeling it may be hard to get a lot of the dead skin off, use a light exfoliating cleanser afterwards for magnificently glowing skin! I hope that this review was helpful for you.

  • Shania - Really needs to be a 4.5 star...UPDATED!

    I love the product itself, it straightened my hair in roughly 30 minutes, I have bushy, curly, hard to straighten hair and this brush worked great. The results are from just the brush and I will probably go back over it with a straightening iron just to get it "perfect" but it overall cut down my straighting time a good bit it usually takes close to an hour. My only real issue is that the second numbers on the digital screen that shows the temp do not show up properly and this was right out of the box. Hence why I say it needs a 4.5 vs 5. But I would definitely recommend this to anybody.

  • mo' wood - likely counterfeit

    Ultra-low price should have tipped me off. No lot # or exp. date either. Do not purchase from or anyone other than TendSkin themselves.

  • Karen S. Kyle - End Times

    The book is a little hard to understand since I'm not proficient in Greek/Roman Mythology. Is however a new twist on what the Bible has already revealed.

  • horkazena - Possible bad supplenment

    I have bought this product at my doctors office and twice at my local health food store when it was on sale. When no longer on sale I ordered for my daughter through Amazon.