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  • Y-Dan: an ancient Chinese low-stress alternative to Tai Chi - Y-Dan is an ancient Chinese low-stress exercise, which serves as a good alternative to the more complex and strenuous systems of Tai Chi or yoga.
  • Mu-Shang Aluminum-Free Herbal Deodorant: an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works - An explanation of how deodorants work, why you should avoid aluminum-based deodorants, and why Mu-Shang aluminum-free herbal deodorant is different from most aluminum-free products on the market.

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    DO NOT BUY IF USING FOR A LARGE LED BAR!!! I had to buy and replace all the wire because the wire gage was way too small (18ga) I replaced with 10ga, the wire got too hot too the touch. It would be great for a smaller set up. I used a 42" light bar

  • sunni - It works!

    I've been using the Bosley sytem for several months now. My hairdresser has noticed all the new hair growth and I notice little to no hair in the drain after a shower!

  • Jamie Allen - Buyers beware

    I do not recommend this company. I've been "thriving" for several months now...let me just say, the first week-two weeks you feel an abundance of energy and it almost feels like a high. After that time, you'll notice dizziness and extreme high heart rates. Super scary. I'm 27 years old and I never want to feel that way again. After the third or forth week your body starts to get used to it. You'll need coffee again, and you won't have the energy you had during the first few weeks. The patches give me a rash every time I take them off I itch like crazy. I never lost any weight (I'm pretty healthy to begin with, I weight 139) but I wanted to try it for the energy my coworker who's in her 60's had been raging about. They charge WAY too much for the product and if you don't catch your monthly auto ship in time, they charge you a 10% restocking fee. Lol. As if they don't get enough money off their crap product. Do not buy this. It is not a healthy way of living.

  • Sonic711 - Greatest show on tv

    I love this show enough to pay for the episodes. That should tell you all you need to know as far as my thoughts on it.

  • Danielle Givens - I actually use it in combination with Tite Grip II (antiperspirant like lotion) because I get really sweaty hands

    I use Dry Hands for pole fitness and I HAVE to have it with me for every practice! I actually use it in combination with Tite Grip II (antiperspirant like lotion) because I get really sweaty hands. I use Tite Grip II about 30 mins before practice and use Dry Hands during practice when I feel I need more grip. It does leave your hands looking chalky if you use a fair amount and it will leave residue on the pole. Overall this is a product that I like and essentially can't live without.

  • Heather Stauber - Does the trick!

    This product seemed to ease some back pain I had from a weekend long yard work project. It has little odor and even though it's white, it blends in nicely. I could tell immediate relief; didn't take away all the soreness, but it did help to alleviate pain. The sample I had was quite small, so a larger amount may have been more effective. I would recommend this to friends/family. Knowing that its a little more expensive might deter some, but if it works it's worth it than to have to buy a larger amount of a competitor. My pain is not chronic or medical in nature, but it did help with soreness and occasional pain.