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  • Rick - Short lived

    I bought the switch panel first to check the quality and value of the Saitek products before deciding to add the radio and the multifunction panel. I was very impressed with the design and quality; and delighted with the addition to my sim setup. Knobs and switches are much more immersive than mouse clicks or key strokes. However the unit failed within two months (panel light switch and L landing gear LED). I had the option of obtaining an RMA and shipping the unit to Mad Catz for service, or opening it up to have a look (and of course, voiding the warranty). I chose to open it up - my money, my choice. I found that the circuit board had already been through rework outside of the factory quality control environment. i.e. soldering iron burns on one connector and on an electrolytic cap, a couple of lifted pads; and residual solder flux where several connections had been resoldered and not cleaned up. No loose wires however or anything I could fix so I put it back together and reinstalled it. I can live without the panel light switch and the gear indicator. I won't be adding a radio panel or a multifunctional panel. I've just been reminded that hardware that isn't there will not breakdown. It IS worth the money if you don't get a lemon. Your money, your choice.

  • Rich - I only wish I could get it at 320k instead of just 256.

    I'm so glad they had this song available as a single download. I just wish they had a little higher bitrate quality

  • Mozzer502 - Great.

    Looks great. Fits perfectly on a 2016 Unlimited. Works well. I ordered the clear. I suspect the smoked looks better.

  • Aviator696 - Fantastic knives, but they require a little TLC

    All of these negative reviews are making my brain hurt. I have been using Cutco knives for 10 years and they are amazing. Before you buy into some of these BS reviews, please allow me to state a few facts: